You’re constantly in your own Presence. Is that a good thing? It’s your
First Nature. It’s the only way to live in peace and confidence.

by Renée Taintor 

You are well aware by now that your Hero’s Journey has changed YOU and your life. In these changes, you might find that there are situations in your life experiences and daily decisions that are of a more serious nature than your choice in foods. These are the times when your heart-based relationship gets tested for its veracity. 

WSSF October 2021 Blog ~ Renee Taintor Talks About First NatureYou have aligned with your heart and are learning to trust this connection and the value of this partnership. You begin to see that you are depending on this beautiful heart awareness in your life and how natural and powerful it can be. It is your First Nature and thus it will never fail you. 

But what happens when you truly do not know what to do? What to think? How to assess a situation? What happens when you start feeling the old familiar lack of confidence and trust in yourself and your ability to handle what’s in front of you? 

You’re at the crossroads again. It’s decision time for you. Do you go to your mind where the familiar reactions wait to be activated by you? Or do you go to your heart where the truthful and loving solutions can rise to remind you of who you really are and the truth about you that you now embody? Look for these moments ~ for they are signposts to lead you to your heart so that you can learn what’s best for this moment you now are facing. 

Your ego mind has the reactive solutions that you used to activate unconsciously. That’s why it’s called Reactive Creating. When you go there, you won’t find the peace and harmony you seek because it is thought-based, not love-based. It is also based in programming and conditioning that you didn’t have much conscious choice about as you grew up. 

These reactions from the ego are mostly habitual, automatic, and unconscious. As you become more aware of the thoughts that stream in your ego mind set, you will clearly see them for what they are: a group of thoughts that activate when you choose to react out of habit and old well-worn ego pathways . . . instead of actually thinking about and merely observing the situation you’re in, where you might find that you do have the power to choose to be more conscious and aware of the current circumstances and the deeper invitations presenting themselves in that moment. 

By contrast, your heart has and holds solutions that can move you into the energy of being a Conscious Creator. The time you spend communicating with your inner self, your heart, your awareness, and your deeper, soulful presence, will remind you of the Real You that is emerging out of the fog of the reactive mindset. 

Your heart’s solutions are based in love and harmony, and in peace and truth. By design, your heart nurtures, guides, teaches, and leads you to your sovereignty and inner connections with the foundation that only love can offer: the honor, love, and respect for who you truly ARE.

You find and re-discover that living in your heart is First Nature.


WSSF ~ October 2021 ~ Renee Taintor ~ The Heart First Nature is the language and flow of your heart. As you build this relationship, your trust and confidence builds and becomes an active part of you that is navigating, empowering, and supporting your life. 

It may take some time to get to the unconditional love that is the foundation of your heart.  But in the meantime, you learn that as you allow your heart to lead you with more innate, congruent, and natural responses of love and support from everything within and around you, you can and will fully trust your heart. For IT IS Your First Nature.