Welcome one and all to the launching of our
Whole Soul School and Foundation Guest Writer posts!

Today ~ I am happy to introduce to you a poet extraordinaire ~ Sir Leo.  He writes from the heart and the soul.  And in so doing, he inspires each one of us in our own hero’s journey ~ pursuing a path to personal transformation, greater integration, and wholeness.

Enjoy this first poem that we post today.  It offers a beautiful opportunity for each of us to reflect on our own soul’s forgetfulness . . . about who we really are.  And it invites each of us to reflect on what it is that we are all beginning to more clearly remember at this time.  For it is a time of a Great Awakening and it is a time of a Great Renaissance on Planet Earth.

Community, collaboration, cooperation, kindness, compassion, love, and joy are who we really are!

We at Whole Soul School and Foundation invite you to explore that inner journey, that inner map and compass within, and that inner summoning that is calling you to remember too!

Please enjoy Sir Leo’s beautiful poem, I Forgot.



I Forgot

I forgot that I’m a wise old soul

Existing before time,

I forgot about my brilliance

Like a star that would not shine

I forgot to stop and go within

To listen to my soul,

I forgot that we’re all actors

And our lives are just a role

I forgot that I’m a part of you

And you’re a part of me,

I forgot I’m an expression

Of the great infinity

I forgot that I’m pure essence

I was trapped within my mind,

I forgot I brought a wondrous gift

To share with human kind

I forgot that I’m a part of “

And thought I was so small,

I forgot my true identity

Yes I forgot it all.

~ Sir Leo