Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Purpose Statement

To teach, coach, and seed the heart and soul of higher consciousness, the power of people’s innate talents and life purpose, the gift of self awareness, and the journey of personal transformation as bridges and daily life skills that bring greater balance, integration, and inspiration to the hearts, minds, and souls of people worldwide.

Mission Statement

Whole Soul School and Foundation is dedicated to the education, enrichment, integration, and liberation of the Soul. We offer a unique educational platform that supports the expansion of an individual’s self-awareness, highest potential, understanding of abundance, authentic power, and overall well-being. We also support programs and projects specifically designed to promote positive prison and re-entry reform, and that empower, enlighten, and inspire people whose lives have been impacted by incarceration. These teachings provide hope, healing, and positive possibilities to people worldwide.

Vision Statement

We envision a world where people are free, loved, and nurtured to be the bright light and brilliant soul they truly are. Humanity has awakened to the truth and many benefits of being self aware, authentic, humble, empowered, and living from a higher sense of purpose, meaning, and joy in their lives. With self compassion, greater understanding, and more holistic spiritual vision, people around the world are able to see the gifts in their many life lessons and to consciously choose the energies they now think, feel, and emit in order to create the world in and around them. People are happier, brighter, healthier, wealthier, more balanced, and more whole overall because of this rise in heart consciousness and the greater integration of the Soul.

Whole Soul School and Foundation seeks to educate, empower, and inspire people worldwide to:


• Open their hearts
• Awaken their conscious awareness
• Learn the language of the soul
• Strengthen their spiritual core
• Balance their divine masculine & feminine aspects
• Heal core root wounds
• Find new pathways for positive living
• Manifest dreams
• Embody true soul passion, power, & purpose
• Believe in who they really are
• Embrace their unique gifts & talents
• Understand frequency, vibration, and energy
• Identify the needs & desires of the soul
• Explore life after “activation” or “awakening”
• Open to highest good blessings
• Embrace visions of a better world for all


• A Unique Consciousness Raising Curriculum
• Inspirational Messages and Higher Guidance
• Classes, Seminars, & Workshops (In-Person and Online)
• Consciousness Conversations via Podcasts, Videos, & Social Media Broadcasts
• Fireside Chats with Inspirational Speakers & Guests
• Motivational & Inspirational Products


• To teach
• To coach
• To seed
• To facilitate
• To activate
• To awaken
• To integrate
• And inspire… in order to ignite the gifts that spring from Greater Self Awareness and Higher Consciousness, a more Balanced Integration of our Timeless Soul Aspects, Positive Conscious Energy Flow, and Living Our True and Authentic Vibrational Essence and Soul Purpose on purpose in our daily lives.