My Treasure

I’ve finally found my treasure
i truly had to dig,
for in the most surprising place
securely it was hid

for i was searching outside
but much to my surprise,
i always had it with me
for i carried it inside

my heart it is the portal
that opened to my soul,
and to get it to emerge
now this became my goal

my soul was very shy
for my ego always reigned,
so to get to see its face
i really had to change

i organised my life
so i could be alone,
no tv or a radio
or a telephone

for spending time in solitude
it was the only way,
for only in the silence
does the soul return to stay

slowly from the shadows
my soul it did emerge,
I felt within my body
such a power surge

an ancient song remembered
by my soul i have been kissed,
we’re so entwined together now
that neither do exist

my lives no longer ruled
by the shiny claims of men,
for now i’ve found my treasure
i can’t be fooled again.

Sir Leo ~ Poetry for the Soul