Renee Taintor

Renee Taintor, Board Member - Whole Soul School and Foundation

Board Member

I have always been a people person. Even as a child, I connected to everyone. I worked as a flight attendant for 36 years and really learned the importance of navigating through humanity in a genuine and efficient way, a way that honored and respected myself and also others.

It was my goal to learn how to impact what was going on around me more than it impacted me. I saw how people react to each other and thought it would be more powerful to respond in a conscious and loving way. What I learned in that job has served me to this day and will continue to do so. I still follow these valuable lessons learned in my airline career.

I am a conscious part of the huge transformation taking place within myself and on the Earth, and am committed to doing my best to be part of co-creating the solutions that our world needs at this time to bring Unity, Peace, Balance, and Wholeness back to humanity as we all move forward in this incredible Rising Hero’s Journey.