The Beauty and Science of Nature
by Wim Hordijk, PhD

In our increasingly urbanized world we have largely lost our connection with nature. In fact, humanity as a whole is doing a pretty good job at messing up our natural world. This has led to all kinds of problems, both environmentally and socially.

Although we do have the know-how to turn things around, scientific and technological solutions alone, no matter how important, are not sufficient. We will not get to the root of the problems unless we change our own attitude towards nature.

To stimulate a reconnection with our natural world, Wim Hordijk’s new “beauty & science of nature” article series combines engaging popular science stories with eye-catching personal nature photographs. The aim of these articles is to foster an increased appreciation for and better understanding of our natural world, in an entertaining, inspiring, and educational way.

Wim is an independent and interdisciplinary scientist interested in the origin and evolution of life. He is also an enthusiastic traveler, hiker, and nature photographer. His new article series is based on a combination of his passions for both science and nature, and on his many years of experience in popular science writing as well as outdoor photography.

The first (introductory) article in this new series can be read here: