In Fireside Chats ~ Episode No. 46, show hosts Lacy Frazer and Marie Mohler dig deeper into The Hero’s Journey and explore Tests, Allies, and Enemies. They bring to life this process of engaging The Hero’s Journey in every daily life. They share examples of classic movie/book characters to illustrate the tests of faith, strength, and fortitude that is very much a part of the call to adventure and the Rising Hero’s Journey! And they illustrate the power of learning discernment and accepting the unknowns in the path to self awareness, self acceptance, and self knowledge. There are lessons and there is meaning in everything. The Hero’s Journey teaches us how to see life, and our own unique lives, with new lenses through this much bigger picture vision. Join us for us this inspirational conversation that we hope empowers you in your journey as you cross the threshold and face some extraordinary allies, enemies, and tests!