Marie Mohler, M.A.

President, Co-Founder, & Board Member of Whole Soul School and Foundation

Marie Mohler is an author, intuitive, and co-founder of Whole Soul School and Foundation.  She completed a BA in Psychology in 1993 and a Masters Degree in Psychology, Specializing in Professional Counseling, in 1997.  Marie began writing about personal development and core life lessons in order to help and empower others in their Hero’s Journeys before she ever even discovered that language, publishing her first book through Haworth Press in 1999 and her second book through Harrington Park Press in 2002.  After a profound healing crisis and catalyst for personal growth occurred in her life in 2004, Marie awakened and activated her gifts as an empath and intuitive.  She continued writing and publishing self help books over the years, including a unique children’s book series entitled Shine Your Light Books.  Today, she is the author and creator of 16+ published books, 8 cds which include a series of 50+ Soul Songs, and an engaging and inspirational blog and video series that can be found on her website at and YouTube at  She is currently a Life Coach,  Podcast Host, & Inspirational Messenger about Cosmic Wealth ~ Living The Prosperity of A Rich Inner Life. 

Marie believes in the power and desire of the Human Spirit to heal, integrate, and become whole once more. She recognizes the unique teachers that our many life lessons and experiences are for each of us. She honors the various pathways we all take to remember ourselves as Spiritual Beings having Human Experiences. She recognizes our light and shadow aspects that are an integral part of the hero’s journey that we all journey at some point to come full circle in our personal transformations . . . and realize that we are all of it.  The Light and the Shadow.  And she celebrates those who feel called or summoned to find more meaning, purpose, freedom, wholeness, authenticity, and light in their lives today. 

For those seeking a new path, a higher integration, a greater freedom, and/or an opportunity to embrace the journey of becoming a Whole Soul in their lives today, she welcomes you to the journey of personal transformation, liberation, authenticity, and integration.  She welcomes you to tune in to our podcasts, videos, blog articles, and guest posts here at Whole Soul School and Foundation for a sampling of resources that can get you started and that can help support you in the journey back to Wholeness, Authenticity, and Happiness in your every day life.