Water: A Teacher of Energy
By Lacy Frazer, Psy.D.


In October 2018, I wrote what was to be one of my first blog articles for Whole Soul School and Foundation. That article, Everything Is Energy, was published in December 2018, which you can find here.  So before I delve into May’s Insights about Energy, I feel called to refer you to that initial blog where you can access some great information about my belief that everything IS energy. And now, I want to share with you some fascinating work that scientifically proves that everything is vibrating energy!

In my own journey of transformation over the last 15 years, I have had the great privilege to explore, integrate, and teach enriching and profound information about the power and essence of energy. I believe that everything is energy. Everything is a vibrating frequency of energy that has a positive or negative charge and that is magnetic in nature. To me, this knowledge and truth is a major building block in mastering our own emotions, and in creating a more positive and happy life, as explained in my initial blog post. However, it is not enough to know this intellectually. One must believe it.

Dr. Masaru Emoto was a Japanese scientist and author who became well known for his experiments with water. Dr. Emoto demonstrated that emotional “energies” and “vibrations” could change the physical structure of water. In short, Dr. Emoto exposed bottles of water to a variety of positive and negative words (written on the bottle or on paper wrapped around the bottle), pictures, music, and behavior (i.e. yelling at the water, cursing over the water, and also sending love to the water). He then froze and examined the properties of the resulting water crystals with microscopic photography. In his book, The Hidden Messages of Water, Dr. Emoto describes the very clear findings that positive thoughts, feelings, and actions resulted in perfectly formed water molecules; while negative thoughts, feelings, and actions resulted in crippled, malformed, diseased, and sometimes blackened water crystals. Dr. Emoto hypothesized that it is the vibrating frequency (energy) of the words, music, emotions, and actions that changed the molecular structure of the water. These experiments were replicated over and over again and have had a huge impact on both scientific and spiritual communities.

So why are these findings not just important but PROFOUND? Let’s couple these findings with the fact that the human body is made up of approximately 70% water! Now imagine the impact of verbal abuse, emotional neglect, sexual and physical abuse, stress, judgments, and shame on our water-filled bodies. It is no wonder we have so much illness and disease in our society today. On the flip side, positive thinking, joy-filled emotion, gratitude, compassion, and love can literally heal our bodies by emanating a positive energy that heals, transforms, and creates perfect, balanced, and healthy water molecules. If our bodies are 70% water, and we want to remain healthy and happy, then it would stand to reason that paying attention to the energy of our thoughts, feelings, and actions is paramount to living a happy and healthy life!

Dr. Emoto’s work has made me a believer! I know that finding ways to love myself and spread love, to have self-compassion and compassion for others, to feel gratitude and appreciation every day for both the little and big things, to speak kindly to and about others, and to practice mindfulness, forgiveness, and non-judgement are all powerful tools that help me to emanate positive energy, stay healthy, and to promote healing and inspiration in others.

I invite you to check out Dr. Emoto’s work for yourself.  It has been said that the truth will set you free. And I believe Dr. Emoto’s work is a huge piece in the greater puzzle of human experience . . . that I believe has revealed the presence of energy on a scale most of us cannot yet comprehend.  But we can see it and open to it, to begin the process of accepting and believing it.  Everything is energy and energy is everything.  The more we embrace this awareness, the more the world around us becomes a lot more meaningful and magical, in our every day lives.