In Fireside Chats No. 9, Lacy Frazer and Marie Mohler discuss the essential topic of Energy as well as its relationship with the Law of Attraction. In this fireside chat, Lacy and Marie talk about energy from a traditional scientific perspective, from a quantum physics perspective, and also through the lens of spirituality. This conversation offers a bridge of greater understanding and awareness for anyone on the journey of personal transformation and seeking to discover or learn more about what is possible beyond the boxes and limits of our more conventional understandings of energy and who we think we are. This is a rich and essential conversation that invites listeners to expand their thinking and to open their hearts to something “more,” something better or brighter, and something more accurate and authentic to the divinity, abilities, and greater Truth that We Really Are. Thanks for listening.

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The Thrive Movie (that talks about the Torus and Toroidal Field of Energy)

Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Book, The Hidden Messages in Water

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