And Welcome!  

We are super excited you are here.  There are many wonderful things that we aim to share, to teach, to inspire, and to ignite in people’s hearts worldwide. 

Are you ready for something more in your life, something bigger, something brighter, . . . but wondering where the bread crumbs are that you might be able to follow, to create the life you are being summoned forth to live?  To allow?  And To Be?  

Whole Soul School and Foundation is here to provide some of those breadcrumbs.  And we want this first message to serve as an overview about who we are, what we aim to create here at WSSF, and how we hope to touch your life ~ and truly people worldwide ~ with our work, our passion, our teachings, and our mission.  

So without further ado, here are our current Purpose, Mission, and Vision Statements.  They are a big vision.  They are a broad vision.  And yet . . . they are a very attainable vision!  As you tune into these statements and affirm them with us, we together are co-creating this new earth experience for everyone.  As you find value in our offerings, and apply some of the tools, resources, and insights we share here to your own life, you are manifesting a Greater Light and Positive Potential into the Every Day Experiences and Vibrational Reality of this amazing new world we are collectively and cooperatively calling into form. 

So thank you!  For all that you are doing . . . to honor your curiosity, to allow new growth, to embrace your courage, to integrate new insights, and to release old patterns that no longer serve the brighter and more expansive *you* that you are becoming.

Our Purpose at WSSF is . . .   

To Teach, Coach, and Seed the Heart and Soul of Higher Consciousness, the Power of Soul Purpose, and the Gift of Self Awareness as a New and Affirming Language in order to Balance, Integrate, and Elevate the Heart, Mind, and Soul of People Worldwide.

As we learn the Broader Language and see the Bigger Vision of Who We Really Are, it becomes easier TO EMBRACE and TO BE Who We Truly Are.    

Our Mission: 

Whole Soul School and Foundation is dedicated to the education, enrichment, integration, and liberation of the Soul. We offer a unique educational platform that supports the expansion of an individual’s self-awareness, highest potential, understanding of abundance, authentic power, and overall well-being. These teachings provide hope, healing, and positive possibilities to people worldwide.

Our Vision:

We envision a world where people are free, loved, and nurtured to be the bright light and brilliant soul they truly are. Humanity has awakened to the truth and benefits of being able to language their needs and the purpose of their soul’s unique journey. With greater understanding and deeper spiritual vision, people around the world are able to see the gifts in their many life lessons and to consciously choose the energies they now think, feel, and emit in order to create the world around them. People are happier, brighter, more balanced, and abundant because of this rise in heart consciousness and the greater integration of the soul.    

What are our 2 philanthropic missions?  We are so glad you asked.  😉

1.)  To create a multi-media educational platform that will serve as a positive gathering space and conscious community “hub” for free access to great content, inspirations, unique teachings, wisdom sharings, and conscious conversations with people from a variety of backgrounds in countries around the globe, sharing their journeys, tools, and stories of transformation, and how each and every one of us is designed to live a free, whole, authentic, joyful, and prosperous life.

2.)  WSSF seeks to support programs and projects designed to promote prison reform, and more specifically to help men and women transition back into society from prison. These fundraising efforts will ultimately serve to support the creation of content and materials that aim to raise awareness in the hearts of inmates presently experiencing incarceration, in staff that interact with the inmate population on a daily basis, in the families impacted by the incarceration of their loved one, and in the systems that manage and house the inmate population. It is our deepest hope and intention that our efforts through Whole Soul School and Foundation will help to raise, facilitate, and expand a greater awareness, compassion, and authentic transformation through effective and positive teaching, coaching, and educational resources  ~ in order to truly empower and assist incarcerated people to heal and create better lives, for themselves and their families, and for society as a whole.

Now how are these visions and mission statements actually manifesting in the world today?  Good question.  🙂

As you may or may not have seen in recent months on our Social Media sites and our website, we are actively creating engaging inspirations, videos, and podcasts to support people in their Quest for Greater Self Awareness, Healing, Awakening, Freedom, Integration, and Wholeness.

*Here is a list of how and where you can currently access some of our content:

Reminders for the Soul” ~ These are biweekly “sharable” inspirational quotes that we post on our Facebook page, on Pinterest, and on Instagram. These post every Sunday and Wednesday.  Please visit us on FB, like our page, and share our posts to inspire others on the path of self discovery and soul liberation.

Conscious Conversations and Positive Podcasts ~ These are video and audio podcasts which cover a variety of topics that include:


  • Consciousness Teachings for Beginners
  • Transformation Talks ~ Conversations about Personal Transformation
  • Ancient Voices for the New Earth – Conversations offering Ancient Indigenous Wisdom
  • Mind Body Spirit Fitness
  • Wisdom Teachings for the Awakening Soul
  • Global Light Spotlight ~ Conversations that shine a light on where Light IS manifesting in the world
  • Interviews with Special Guests from around the world sharing their unique gifts and special inspirations to support a more conscious, co creative, and collaborative New Earth.

You can find us on YouTube at: Whole Soul School and Foundation

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We will soon have active accounts for our audio only podcasts on Spotify and Apple iTunes. So stay tuned! 

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If you feel called to support these missions, please consider donating to Whole Soul School and Foundation at or by mailing a check to:

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Thank you!  Thank you for visiting us today and for finding your way to our work, our positive messages, and our conscious media projects . . . that are here to serve and uplift humanity into higher frequencies and a greater belief in what IS possible, when hearts authentically, positively, and generously come together to collaborate for a common purpose and goal of healing this planet and one another, and raising us to a new level of co-creating with and for the Light!


Lacy, Marie, and Holly-Jo

The Whole Soul School and Foundation Core Team + Our Amazing and Talented Contributors, Artists, Teachers, and Speakers