Everything Is Energy
by Lacy Frazer, Psy.D. 

Souls who are ready to know themselves ~ can feel that it’s all about energy!

There comes a point when a human being begins to ask themselves questions that challenge their perception of the world, their purpose for living, and the meaning of life. These are questions that challenge a thought they have, a decision they make, or a feeling they experience. These moments of questioning are often born out of a life challenge. Once these questions are asked, whether spoken aloud, scribbled in a notebook, muttered in a prayer, or shared with a loved one, they have the potential to gain power in one’s life . . . and they have the potential to change the course of one’s life forever. 

These “deeper” questions are the cues and clues that the soul is yearning to wake up. It’s as if there is a sleeping soul inside, resting and gathering energy for its great emergence. And it is only a matter of time before the soul awakens, stretches its muscles, and begins communicating with the human it resides within. I find there is a perfect timing for this emergence.

In 2004, my soul began to yawn, stretch, and awaken from a deep slumber. While this sounds like a slow, quiet, and paced process, it was anything but. It was called awake by the energies of tragedy laced with deep fear and desperation. It was called to wakefulness because it was time to remember who I really am, not who I thought I was. As my soul began to emerge, there was a rising feeling that the reality in which I was living was part of a greater whole; part of a greater unfoldment; part of a universal plan. This was both exhilarating and terrifying all at the same time. In the ensuing months and years, I found my way to the New Thought/Ancient Wisdom movement and eventually I began to view everything in and about life through a new lens; a lens that afforded a much broader view of my existence, the connectedness of all things, and the idea that we live within a matrix of energy that is responsible for everything that we experience in our lives.

I have come to KNOW that I am an energetic, spiritual being having a human experience. I have come to KNOW that I am ball of energy, an animated self, playing in a matrix of energy called the universe. And, in knowing this, I am aware that I create my own reality. 

It is a tremendous feeling of responsibility when one understands that they create their own reality. There is no more room for blaming other people and life circumstances for our problems. There is no more feeling like a victim of life, or wallowing in hopelessness. There is no more looking through the rearview mirror for our answers. Understanding that we create our own reality is an incredibly empowering place to live . . . and the nuts of bolts of this understanding lies in the field of Quantum Physics.

In short, Quantum Physics is the study of atomic and subatomic systems that make up energy. And through my own personal study, I have learned that everything is made of energy, that we as humans have energy coursing through us at all times, and that we live in an energetic universe. This energy is both electrical and magnetic in nature, and is largely responsible for creating our reality. My discovery of quantum physics and its many principles has drastically changed the lens through which I view life, walk through life, and interact with life. I believe in, I have experienced, and I coach people about the power of their energy field. This includes the quality of the energy running through them, and the frequency of the energy that they personally generate. This is crucial because energy is magnetic and we attract into our life people and experiences that are an energetic match to what we are putting out. This means that we are unknowingly pulling into our life people and experiences that are a match to our energy output. 

Our thoughts are a very important component to the quality of the energy we are generating. Scientists say we have over 60,000 thoughts a day. We interpret these thoughts through the lens of life experience, and the thought is assigned an emotion. What is an emotion? E-motion, or energy in motion. That energy in motion is either positively, negatively, or neutrally charged . . . and it is also magnetic. So, if we have over 60, 000 thoughts a day, and each thought contributes to this “energy-in-motion,” AND this energy is magnetic . . . then we better be paying attention to our thoughts and how we are feeling ~  because it is pulling into our experience energetic matches to our predominant energetic vibration.

While there is much more to learn, understand, and apply when it comes to monitoring and managing our energy fields, understanding some of these basic principles can shift your life. It begins with self awareness. Commit to realizing the power of positive thinking and the importance of interacting with positive people. Spend more time allowing feelings of gratitude and appreciation, engaging in activities that you love, and spending time in nature. Remember, it is the feeling state – the Energy-in-Motion (Emotion) – that is moving through you and into the world, and drawing into your life experience, perfect energetic matches to that original emotional state.

You are a powerful creator being . . . isn’t it time to get into the drivers seat?  Isn’t it time to learn more about the Truth of yourself as an energetic being . . . who is literally authoring your own daily life experiences?  Perhaps this is the awakening or the personal growth expansion you have been seeking in your life.  

If you have read this far, allow me to Welcome You to Whole Soul School and Foundation . . . where our conversations provide the education and soul enrichments you may have just energetically summoned into your conscious awareness and thus into your experience!  Everything is energy, and so too is the start of this conversation with you.