In Fireside Chat No. 8, Lacy Frazer and Marie Mohler discuss the film, Finding Joe (by Patrick Solomon) as it relates to the Journey of Personal Transformation. In this fireside chat, Lacy and Marie talk about the overarching themes of “the hero’s journey” that Joseph Campbell identified and explored so deeply ~ so that so many of us could learn the deeper skills for living a truly alive, truly meaningful, and truly authentic and inspired life. There are additional speakers and experts in the fields of mindfulness, mythology, and the work of Joseph Campbell sprinkled throughout the film, to illustrate the stages of the hero’s journey in profoundly inspiring ways. Lastly, there are child actors that illustrate the story of the Golden Buddha told in this film . . . and that illustrate a knight’s journey to slay a deep dragon . . . where the dragon is actually our ego or conditioned selves. There are so many incredible take-aways in this film, and so many ahas for the soul . . . that affirm the greater context of WHY we make these journeys and that offer a bigger context for the GEMS in the JOURNEYS of our lives . . . including our challenges and biggest obstacles. Marie and Lacy are huge fans of this film, for the incredible role it plays in highlighting, outlining, and illustrating the hero’s journey for us all . . . that we ALL make en route to rediscovering the Golden Buddha inside ourselves. We will include the link below to watch the trailer and to learn how to access the full film directly through the “Finding Joe” website. This is a great podcast for anyone exploring change, facing a formidable obstacle or challenge, rising into something new, or seeking to heal some aspects and patterns in their life that previously seemed unmanageable or insurmountable. There are inner resources that those journeys are calling out in all of us, that can only be acquired by the lived experience of facing our greatest fears and rising into a higher and brighter version of ourselves in our lives today. Finding Joe is a fantastic film and inspirational depiction of Joseph Campbell’s work and the timeless “hero’s journeys” that we all make to rediscover more of who we truly are! Thanks for joining us!
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