These are such unprecedented and interesting times. It is a time when nothing is as it seems. It is a time of darkness within a time of great light. Human beings around the planet are feeling a calling to something greater, something more expansive, something different. They are quitting their jobs, leaving their relationships, and beginning to question who they are. And, perhaps most importantly, many are allowing a feeling of vulnerability which becomes the catalyst for more questions, such as “what is my purpose?” and “how can I serve?” Many people do not have an understanding of why they are feeling this way, asking these questions, and/or making decisions that appear ‘out of character.’ Many do not understand energy, quantum physics, astrology, and the myriad of other aspects within the unseen forces that organize our universe, and our lives. Thus people are left feeling confused, vulnerable, and sometimes powerless. Yet ultimately, all of this conflicting and friction-causing energy is contributing to massive growth and expansion for individuals, communities, families, and the collective humanity. 

So who is leading people in these times? Who is helping people make sense of these shifts, these changes within themselves? Who is helping to guide people through these times where the sands are constantly shifting beneath our feet; and where the forces of the unseen are maneuvering and orchestrating people, places, and things in and out of our experiences? 

It is the humble, awakened souls who are taking the lead now. It is the people who have awakened to their true nature;  those who have discovered that they are not who they think they are;  those who have connected to the invisible, energetic life force that connects them to all things. These are the beings who are now stepping up to lead, guide, coach, and mentor. These are the people who have had rich catalyzing life experiences that have perhaps forced, or certainly required, them to unmask, to break down their protective layers, to challenge their own limiting beliefs, and to face their deepest fears. These are the human beings who have journeyed past and through many of the barriers and obstacles that have challenged them to think outside the box, to find solutions when there appeared to be none, and expanded their thinking . . . out of the need and desire to survive . . . and to try something new when the old no longer worked or served them in their life experiences. THESE are the WAYSHOWERS of our Time. 

No longer are the leaders the ones with the most money; the ones with the greatest accumulation of assets; the ones with the largest egos; the ones motivated by greed or hate; the ones with the most dominant personalities; and/or the ones with the largest closet of disguises. The True Leaders of our Time are the ones who have learned to forgive, who operate and live from compassion, who value unity and community, who are motivated by love, who deeply value service to humanity and our beautiful planet earth, who are connected to a higher purpose, and who recognize their essential contribution to the Greater Whole.

So . . . how does this new type of leader become the leader of light, courage, inspiration, wisdom, and generosity that they are meant to be? How do they transform from a person who sees only what is in front of them on the limited linear scale of time? Who believes in only what they can taste, hear, see, feel, test, and touch? Who defines success based on the amount of inflow of income streams and the accumulation of assets?

These leaders become the new leaders of light, integrity, whole soul visioning, conscious co-creation for the Greater Good, and the living essence of Light Leadership that is so needed in these times . . . by unmasking themselves. They are open and willing to ask the tough questions of themselves. They are open and willing to see and face their current limitations. They are open and willing to be vulnerable in front of others, . . . in order to face their fears and become aware of their negative thought and behavioral patterns that may presently limit their innate and extraordinary abilities. These human beings are willing to admit that they may not know themselves as well as they thought they did. They are committed to engaging the great unveiling of their True, Authentic Selves. Only after naming their many disguises, after admitting their egoic nature of what truly has motivated and driven them until now, and after feeling their true emotional pain and challenges related to all of that heavy energy in their consciousness and their energy fields . . . can they begin to see, touch, know, and feel the Amazing Divine Spark that permeates the core of their beingness. Once this occurs, these individuals rising in their Greater Self and Soul Awareness . . . can now recognize the Divinity and Organic Value in both themselves and all other human beings; they can understand the truth, the core, and the tasks of the human condition; they are able to now see and “walk in others shoes,” and they are humbled by the depth and breadth of the human journey and thus the human experience here on earth. It is by walking their path, facing their obstacles, admitting their fears, and engaging their own unique healing process . . . that they then have the ability to see the world through a very new lens. It is through this alchemical perceptual shift that arises in our hearts as a result of this deeper inner work and this journey to re-awaken and re-claim the True Authentic Self, that a profound personal transformation takes place. 

Whole Soul School and Foundation seeks to be a sacred heart centered space and positive community hub that invites these newly awakening and activating leaders to emerge. It is a place where these Wayshowers can try on becoming willing to share their wisdom, their unique talents, and the power of their own personal journeys to help guide and support others on their own journey of awakening to their Authentic and Empowered Selves.  

Welcome to the Whole Soul School and Foundation Community, and this beautiful space where Light Leaders are rising and emerging to co-create a brighter, more peaceful, collaborative, compassionate, and kinder world for all of us to live in!