If Energy is Everything and Everything is Energy . . . 

How do you want to vibrationally participate
in creating your life today?

by Marie Mohler, MA

There is no doubt that every day, and in nearly every moment, we are each called to make choices about where we put our energy, what we “vote” for in terms of what we give our attention to, animate about, and align our energy with, and what we knowingly (and unknowingly) vibrationally participate in ~ in our every day lives and in the world around us. We are presented daily with opportunities to engage a myriad of experiences and choices . . . including tension, resistance, drama, old triggers, and negative familiar patterns, . . . OR . . . choices to engage our higher light, the greater good, and the positive creationary energies that support our soul purpose and life path in this world.  

I was reminded of the importance and power of these precise daily choices that we all face . . . when an email arrived in my inbox to perfectly illustrate these inner conversations occurring in our inner energetic worlds, regardless of whether or not we are conscious of them. This particular email was inviting people in my local area to participate in a newly forming group to address certain emotions and goals related to recent election phenomena. As I reflected on the true invitation within that email, by feeling the energy and vibration within the invitation, it was quickly apparent that while a few words spoke to positive things like empowerment, finding our voice, and remaining committed to doing what is right and good in the world, deeper inside that invitation, was a core root question ~ and really ~ a core root wound. The truth is that the shadow wounds of disempowerment, not having a voice, and discouragement about not having the ability to create effective change in the ways so desired . . . were masquerading as a voice of strength, courage, and the power to resist and to fight for what this group thought was right.  

How often do we receive “invitations” like these?  And how often are we simply unaware of the hidden influences of energy inside these offerings?  How often do we take the time to really “energetically unpack them” so to speak, and really look at the deeper energetic threads and vibrational foundations ~ upon which the offerings or invitations are based? 

For if we did make that time, we might more clearly see ~ whether or not this was really an invitation to greater drama and an amplification of some core root wounds. Or whether it was truly an invitation to higher alignment and right action. It is my belief that we are each invited every day in our lives to increase our awareness of the deeper vibrational conversations we are having on a regular basis ~ with everything in our daily lives.  And we are invited to choose where to, or where not to, vibrationally participate in everything in our lives as well.    

Why?  Because Everything Is Energy. And Energy is Everything.  Everything we see, feel, experience, witness, observe, receive, and interact with in our day . . . is a powerful invitation from this Living Conscious Universe to play with and to play in a particular vibration. Therefore, any email, communication, call to action, or invitation to participate in anything (a conversation, a group gathering, a class, a social media check-in, meeting someone for lunch, collaborating with a colleague, donating to a cause, purchasing a particular product online, etc.) is, at its core, an invitation to vibrational discernment and choice.  Essentially we are being asked in every choice and experience now ~ is this an energy that feels good to me? Is this something I feel aligned with? Is the energy of this particular action step or experience ~ in resonance with . . . who I have been . . . OR . . . who I am growing to become?

An invitation to engage anyone or anything may have good intentions inside it.  But there is also the potential for hidden influences . . . and disguised invitations to participate in old energies and past patterning . . . that may not serve your highest good at this time to engage.  And this is why it is essential to become increasingly aware of the energy within the invitations and interactions you encounter in your daily travels . . . so that you can really begin to make more conscious choices of what you truly want to vibrationally and energetically participate in, and thus what you truly want to experience.  Where our attention goes, energy flows.  And so it is important to remain aware of where your attention is going, because it also will tell you where your energy is flowing, and thus where you are voting with your vibrational attention to participate.   

So there may be energy contained in seemingly harmless communications, exchanges, choices, or invitations . . . that is more of a “teaser” or soul “hook” that has successfully animated and engaged you in the past . . . and that is now serving as a test of your self-awareness and your soul ability to choose something different this time. Many invitations that potentially engage you in some kind of drama are actually invitations to tango with a greater wound. . . . one that resonates in some way with your own unhealed wounds. That’s the hook. That’s the trap. That’s what we can begin to recognize in our lives . . . as an opportunity to make a different choice . . . in order to better support the energy and vibration we most deeply desire for our best life now and to support the release of things that no longer serve our highest good.  

How many people resonate with having wounds? And how many people often answer these vibrational calls, without knowing to how to look at the deeper energetic invitations inside them . . . and how they may vibrationally impact what they are currently  experiencing in their lives? 

Part of expanding our self-awareness in our busy lives today . . . begins with a willingness to see this world through the eyes of energy.  Everything has a vibration.  Everything has a particular frequency.  Just like selecting a particular radio station, or tv channel, or offering on the internet, everything at its core has a particular pulse and specific vibration.  And those vibrations have a certain sound;  they can be loud or soft.  They can be positive or negative.  

In any situation that invites your energetic attention and participation, it is important to ask yourself, “what is the dominant energy here?” What is the “vibrational volume” of that interaction, that invitation, that communication really saying?  And how are you a vibrational match to its request?  Simply notice it without judgement.  And then, go inside your heart center, and ask your Higher Self, your Wisest Self, to help you know what choice is right for you, in your Highest, Best, and Greatest Good.  And then let that feeling of your Heart Center’s Wisdom and Guidance wash over you.  

Can you now better recognize the true energy in that invitation to participate in whatever choice is before you?  Can you recognize whether that choice affirms the Greater You, the More Positive You, the Loving You, and the Talented You that are truly designed to be?  Or can you recognize whether that choice affirms the you that resonates with a certain level of pain, challenge, or wounding from some point in your journey?  

Vibration is a choice.  Awareness is a choice.  Living authentically is a choice.  And True Empowerment, Joy, and Prosperity in our lives comes from living this Greater Discernment.  This Greater Self-Awareness.  This Greater Self-Knowingness.  

So if you so desire, begin to listen to where your heart center, your highest healing, and your brightest self wants to participate in any and all experiences.  Listen to truly hear whether your Higher Self gives a Vibrational YES or NO to invitations that come in a myriad of forms every day.  You are learning how to listen with new ears now.  You are learning how to see with new eyes, the energy in everything around you.  You are learning to discern with a Higher Awareness activated inside you.  

In an Energetic Universe, we are learning how to Vibrationally and thus Energetically participate in Consciously Creating Our Lives.  One choice.  One energy.  One vibration.  One frequency at a time.  

And our lives are made of billions of choices over the course of a lifetime.  

When we can make conscious, awake, and vibrationally aware choices, we can literally begin to script our lives and live the magic we most desire to live, to breathe, to enjoy, and to be.   And we can release our past patterns of disempowerment, confusion, inauthenticity, and personal limitation.

We are the Creators of our Lives. We are part of an Infinite and Ever Expanding Universe, through our daily vibrational choices and powerful investments of our energy. 

So what will you consciously choose to vibrationally participate in today, to be the empowered, talented, heart-centered, amazing soul you are perfectly designed to be?