In Fireside Chats No. 14, co-hosts Marie Mohler and Lacy Frazer talk about taking 100% Responsibility for Creating Our Reality through the lens of the Power of Our Words and the use of Language. In this episode, they spotlight the film, A Thousand Words, where Eddie Murphy plays the role of Jack McCall, a literary agent who generally uses the “gift of gab” to manipulate, control, or coerce anybody to do anything to close a deal. When he eventually manipulates a spiritual guru to sign a book deal with him, a Bodhi Tree appears in his back yard. This Bodhi Tree becomes integrally linked to everything Jack McCall says and feels, from that point forward. This movie is an excellent illustration of the Power of our Words to create our lives. Jack McCall’s words become literally tied to the leaves on that very Bodhi Tree, and his life depends on learning this most valuable lesson. Join us in this enlightening conversation about this impactful film ~ when seen through more spiritual and awakened eyes. Deep messages are embedded in this film, when we see through this newly activated lens of personal transformation and transcendence.

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