The Intersection and Integration
of Science and Spirituality
By Lacy Frazer

The fact that science led me to spiritual insight is appropriate because the latest discoveries in physics and cell research are forging new links between the worlds of Science and Spirit. These realms were split apart in the days of Descartes centuries ago. However, I truly believe that only when Spirit and Science are reunited will we be afforded the means to a better world.”

~ Bruce Lipton, Developmental Biologist

Our Mission at Whole Soul School and Foundation is to help others liberate the soul
from the confines and limits of human experience through education, enrichment, and conversation. This may seem like a deep and nearly impossible task at face value for some people. However, its not as vast and challenging as one might think. When we rise above our life, most anyone can recognize that we are on a journey of multi-faceted experiences that all interconnect. And it is in learning about the many aspects of this journey and their relationships to each other, through different lenses, that helps us to find meaning and purpose in our lives.   

The Intersection of Science and Spirituality has taken a front seat in the minds of many over the last 20 years as more and more people are seeking greater self awareness and a greater understanding of life’s meaning and purpose. Many human beings are no longer willing to follow the status quo (which fosters separation, disconnection, and competition), and find themselves questing for a deeper and more connected life experience. However, sifting through all of the information, theory, and beliefs out there is not a quick and easy process.

Our human conditioning over the centuries has led to a world characterized by dualistic thinking. In other words, we have a tendency as a species to engage in ‘black and white thinking’ or ‘all or nothing’ thinking.  We are trained to be more comfortable with viewing things ‘one way’ with little room for possibilities, alternatives, and the idea that two aspects of thought can exist at the same time. Over the centuries, science and spirituality have been thought of as two separate, and sometimes opposite, schools of thought or fields of study. However, it is clear, that as more and more human beings become dissatisfied with the limitations of science or the expanse of spirituality, they are finding their way to a coherent and interconnected blend of these two fields of explanation when seeking a broader understanding of their existence.

The unfoldment of my own journey of personal growth and self awareness very quickly led me to the discovery of quantum mechanics and the electromagnetic nature of the human body. As a scientist-trained practitioner, I had little to no room for the abstract nature of spirituality for many years in my own experience. However, a variety of challenging life experiences required me to seek answers . . . first within the fields that were familiar (i.e. western medicine, traditional psychology, etc.).  And then when these avenues failed to provide a solution, I turned to alternative medicine, therapies, and spiritual practices. As I followed what I now call “universal breadcrumbs,” I found my way to The Law of Attraction, Universal Principles, Quantum Field Theory, and Intuitive Practices. I began to learn and actually experience the science of our electromagnetic nature coupled with the power of the universal energies of the “unseen” and what many people call God. These experiences led to my own awakening to the Truth that I am both a human being with all its physiological and biological underpinnings, as well as a spiritual essence, energy, or soul that is part of a larger universal energy of ONENESS. In other words, I found my way to rediscovering that I am a spiritual being having a human experience. BOTH exist together within me, and within all of us, at the same time. This is the basis for moving away from the dualistic thinking of our present as well as our distant past that espouses the core belief that science and spirituality are mutually exclusive . . . and embracing the connectivity, interconnectivity, and unity of all things

As I continue to walk the journey of my life today, I feel deeply grateful for the profound contributions and understandings that science yields in our lives AND for the infinite nature of spirituality . . . that together complete me.  For I believe that Higher Synergy completes all of us. When we allow this Greater Intersection and Integration in our present perceptions and perspectives, whole new worlds and dimensions open up to us that were previously unseeable and unknowable to us.  This is where a whole new world of planetary peace, kindness, cooperation, compassion, prosperity, and ease is inviting all of us to experience a Greater Universal Oneness in all things, all beings, and all life in this living universe. 

This month ~ at Whole Soul School and Foundation ~ we will be focusing our attention on that Intersection and Integration of Science and Spirituality that is here to help raise our Collective Humanity into a more cooperative, kind, conscious, and better world for all life on Earth.  Come join us for our Fireside Chats, Transformation Talks, and Mind Body Spirit Fitness conversations that aim to educate, enrich, and liberate the heart and soul in us all.