Engaging Our Spiritual Nature
By Marie Mohler

“We have bodies. We have personalities. We have histories, stories and experiences. But we are not those things – we are Spirit.”
― Sonia Choquette

My life has taught me again and again that we are Spiritual Beings having Human Experiences, and not simply Human Beings having Spiritual Experiences.  It seems that quantum physicists, scientists, and innovators like Tesla, Einstein, Lynne McTaggert, Bruce Lipton, and Gregg Braden were tapped into a similar well of higher knowledge and awareness as authors, speakers, mystics, and intuitives like Sonia Choquette, Caroline Myss, Colette Baron-Reid, Esther and Jerry Hicks, Louise Hay, and Wayne Dyer were ~ or are.  For in their work, and in the world of energy and vibration where many of my own intuitive skills live, we can see that the Quantum Field of Energy that touches every one and that interconnects every thing is the very same Field that attunes us to our spirituality, our spiritual nature, and our universal sense of interconnectedness through feelings of oneness, cooperation, kindness, peace, compassion, and collaboration. 

If we begin to question, and even at some point release, the core conditionings of our childhoods ~ where we were taught in many ways about separation, division, competition, and disconnection as the cultural norm and global pathway forward ~ through many overt and covert messages in our earliest experiences, we often begin to open to the potential that we might just be something other than separate, divided, competitive, and disconnected from ourselves and each other.  And as we look further inside ourselves for the answers we are seeking, in this journey of personal transformation and inner attunement, we often begin to tap into something inside us that is very much the same within our humanity all around the globe.  It is our Extraordinary Spirit and Spiritual Nature that lives in each and every of us . . . that aligns us on a whole other level of personal and purposeful existence in our daily lives than we have previously been led to believe! 

It is Our Timeless Spiritual Nature that Unites Us,
and that makes each one of us a core part of a much Greater Whole.

For deep inside all of us, exists something extraordinary that is innate, organic, timeless, ever-present, and ready to partner with our more “conscious selves” and human personalities, to more clearly and actively reveal the true gifts of Who We Really Are. 

In the work that I do as an Intuitive, I help people connect with this extraordinary Soul Presence, Essence, and Awareness inside them.  I help people remember their own Spiritual Nature and their own Living Timeless Inner Nature.  We have to sometimes quiet our busy minds, our busy lives, and our modern day technologies long enough to even hear the still, calm, strong, and peaceful voice of our Inner Spirit and our Inner Voice.  But when we do, there are Immense Gifts, Abilities, Wisdoms, and Lessons that are here to help us more successfully, meaningfully, sustainably, clearly, and confidently navigate our journeys in our every day lives.  The key is learning how to listen! This is what I do for a living . . . I listen deeply to what this Spiritual Essence is communicating through my clients and I serve as a bridge or “translator” of those messages. 

We all have these abilities.  We all have extraordinary sensory perception.  For some of us, our perception is currently limited to the 5 physical senses:  sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing.   If we can’t see it, smell it, taste it, touch it, or hear it, we have often been conditioned to believe “it” (whatever “it” is) doesn’t exist. And yet, Quantum Physics is rapidly disproving that on an increasingly steady basis . . . while it is also proving that our thoughts, feelings, and emotions (which are “unseen” things as well) have in fact an incredible impact and effect in creating our life experiences and the world around us. 

Sonia Choquette is a well-known published Hay House author, speaker, psychic, and intuitive.  She has published countless books on connecting with our Spirit and our own Spiritual Nature.  A few of her book titles include:  Ask Your Guides, Trust Your Vibes, The Intuitive Spark, and Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose.  Sonia Choquette talks about our Sixth Sense . . . our Intuition.  Our Vibes.  Our gut feelings.  Our inner knowings.  She speaks and writes a great deal about Sixth Sensory Perception and Sixth Sensory Human Beings.  “Sixth sensories” are people who listen to and honor their feelings, who empathically sense the feelings of others, who dream and vision the lives they feel called to experience, who have awareness of soul purpose, who trust the vibes they receive on a daily basis as guidance, and who listen to their inner voice to navigate their busy five-sensory lives. 

From my perspective and life experiences, I can say that our egos are pretty weary.  Our armor is very heavy and at times burdensome.  Our defenses are becoming more transparent by the day, and thus less effective in creating the old protections we once enjoyed or at least employed.  Our journeys of personal transformation continue to call to us.  Our soul purpose and soul paths are summoning us.  The inner and outer world we live in is changing.  It may in fact be time to rise into a deeper relationship with our Spiritual Nature.  It may be time to understand ourselves as Spiritual Beings having Human Experiences.  It may be time to begin to see ourselves as much more Interconnected, Interwoven, and Similar rather than Different . . . than we previously have been able or willing to be. 

I invite you to join us in this important conversation and theme this month, about Connecting with and Engaging Your Spiritual Nature!  It is an essential next step in the Journey of Personal Transformation to begin to open to a bigger story about Who You Really Are and the greater purpose of Why You Are Truly Here on the planet at this time.  Please join us!