Empowering the Heroic Soul Within
by Renée Taintor 



Renee Taintor WSSF Thought Bytes ~ October 2022 ~ Stop The TrainStop the train tracks of negative thoughts and emotions that come your way or that you generate. You are the Train Master. Everything that you encounter requires an action or a reaction. Because you are a Creator living in a Sea of Humanity with the other 7.8 billion co-creators on the planet, it is a good idea to be aware of what you are creating in your reality and what you want to create. For the truth is that every thought, word, and action that comes from you impacts everyone and everything else because we are all connected. 

When you encounter a negative situation or thought, stop and realize that you are the Train Master. Give yourself a few seconds to search your heart to find the most effective way to handle this situation. You can think of it as transforming a negative situation into a positive one. 

An example is two people run into each other and one says angrily, “Watch where you’re going!” You can react to that and say “Well, YOU need to watch where you’re going too!” When this dynamic happens, it can continue a downward spiral until it ultimately leaves both people in a sour mood. 

Or you can transform it by saying, “I’m sorry, are you okay? I need to watch where I’m going.” It completely changes the energy of that moment. By choosing this response, you didn’t “feed” that track of negative energy.  You gave the negative energy no life force, no traction, and no momentum.  And instead, you stopped it IN ITS TRACKS with your willingness to be part of the solution. You generated and created a new, more positive, and more compassionate track in that moment. 

And the angry person, who may have been anticipating or expecting a negative response from you, is left disarmed . . . with nothing negative to react to. You stopped that runaway train right there in its tracks in the power of that moment. It stopped with you.  And you can let it go ~ while feeling good about the transformative experience you just facilitated for both of you in that exchange or event. 

Alternatively, if you keep talking about the angry person that ran into you, to replay it again for yourself or other people whom you choose to tell about that experience, then you actually begin to re-activate those unpleasant feelings that can still attach to the original energetic charge . . . and land yourself right back on the track where you started. Letting it go is The Secret. Letting it go is a choice for it to be over and in the past. 

It is a powerful awareness to know . . . that you are either part of the solution or part of the problem in every moment. You can react and send back the same kind of difficult energy that you experienced in your encounters, which will nearly guarantee your own disempowerment and an increase in tension or stress, OR you can transform that energy into something a whole lot better. This awareness offers a much more empowered way of meeting and navigating the energies and outcomes in your life. 

Renee Taintor WSSF Thought Bytes ~ October 2022 ~ Stop The Train

Be an observer in your next few encounters. Look at what you are facing that requires a response.  Decide what you want to create or co-create in that scenario and let the love in your heart show you a better way to respond. Be The Train Master in your life and be aware of how you are impacting what is going on around you.