In this Fireside Chats ~ Episode No. 15, show hosts Lacy Frazer and Marie Mohler discuss the intersection, the interweaving, and the need for integration of Science and Spirituality in our lives and in the world today. They “visit” with some amazing teachers from the past 100+ years and bring through the wisdom of people like Einstein, Tesla, Schrodinger, Lynn McTaggert, Bruce Lipton, and more . . . who invite us to see a more profound interconnection between Science and Spirituality than we have long been conditioned to believe or understand. Come join us in this lively and important conversation . . . where all are invited to enter a more quantum understanding of how things in this universe are designed to interrelate and interact . . . and to release the old paradigm’s projection and conceptualization of our inherent separation, competition, and division. This episode is another key turning point in our Whole Soul School and Foundation core teachings for 2019 . . . and it is a turning point for many on the planet today seeking a more cohesive, meaningful, and interconnected life experience.

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