Awake, Alive, Aware: Living a Spiritual Life
By Lacy Frazer & Marie Mohler

As our many early conversations this year spotlighted and addressed, our earliest conditioning in our lives often teaches us that we need our egos, our armor, and our clever defenses to move through this world and to live our lives. And yet, each month, here at Whole Soul School and Foundation, we have unpacked some of those beliefs and core conditionings . . . and offered some key shifts in perspective that offer alternative ways of thinking and being in the world!

Last month we focused on Engaging Our Spiritual Nature and discussed becoming more aware of ourselves as spiritual beings having human experiences. This month we invite you to join us in exploring further what it means to be Awake, Alive, and Aware . . . and Living a Spiritual Life.

Thousands if not millions of people today could be described as “sleepwalking” through their lives. They believe life is being done TO them. They accept that paying bills, doing laundry, and working a job is all there is. They believe that they have little to no control over their lives and that what happens to them is random, coincidental, or accidental.

I (Lacy) was a sleepwalker for 37 years. And for those 37 years, I only believed in what I could see, touch, taste, hear, and feel, as well as things that could be “proven.” But as challenging life circumstances kept knocking on the door of my conscious mind and belief systems, I was forced to seek answers beyond this physical world. And this led to my conscious awareness of my soul’s awakening from its deep slumber. Like a mother bear coming out of hibernation for the first time, I yawned, stretched, and arose from my sleepy den filled with shadows and winter shades of black, white, and gray . . . to discover an entirely new world. I discovered a world full of color and magic . . . that often remains undetectable and elusive to the proverbial sleepwalker.

As I began to experience my world through a new life lens, through my soul’s lens, I gained tremendous awareness about myself as a human being. I learned about the energy that powers our human body, and its intricate and quantum connection to the energy that governs the universe. As I allowed myself to experience the energy flowing through me and its expansive connection to those universal energies, I felt increasingly alive in my life experiences. I reconnected with an Inner Truth that THAT energy that flows through me, that flows through the universe, and that animates me as a human being . . . is God/Source/Creator/Love/Pure Positive Universal Energy.  And this real time, real life, authentic, awakened, empowered, inner connection to this Pure Positive Universal Energy/God/Creator Source forms the basis and the foundation of my Experience of Spirituality!

So for me, Living a Spiritual Life is about personally honoring that energy within me, within others, and within the oneness in the world that we all truly are. 

But how do we maintain this connection while living very busy human lives – full of distraction and drama?

Some people meditate, do yoga, create art, innovate new ideas, products, or services, or take long hikes in nature.

For me, Living a Spiritual Life is about:

Living in gratitude

Living life as a daily adventure

Living life expecting miracles

Living life in a way that allows positive and anticipatory excitement

When I feel any and all of the feelings associated with appreciation, adventure, miracles, and excitement . . . I feel the Power and Clarity of Awakeness.  I feel a Joyful Aliveness.  I feel a Higher Awareness. 

I feel like I know the greatest secret of all time….that Life is NOT what many of us are raised to believe it is . . . but rather a magical adventure that is meant to be experienced through all of our senses, including our Higher Intuitive Senses! Living a Spiritual Life is living a life knowing that ALL experiences are a series of co-creative experiences with God/Source/Love/Universal Energy. Living in this knowing means taking full responsibility for my life, the quality of my energy field, and nurturing my connection with my Higher Self/my Better Self/my Soul Self.

It is about totally trusting and living in the unfoldment of life, embracing next steps as they present themselves, discerning what my intuition is communicating to and through me, and allowing myself to live, be, and breathe in that Universal Flow.

For me, Living a Spiritual Life is a deep honoring of myself as a spiritual being having a human experience!

This October 2019 and beyond, we invite you to join us here at Whole Soul School and Foundation for some awesome conversations about this essential knowledge and pathway to deep soul connectedness that is all part of the Journey of Personal Transformation and Greater Self Awareness . . . that leads many of us to Personal Liberation, Freedom, Inner Peace, and Sovereignty!