Partner With Your Heart
And Take Responsibility For Your Life

By Renee Taintor
August 2021

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly;
what is essential is invisible to the eye.”
– Antoine de Saint-Exupery

We’ve been examining the components of The Hero’s Journey and finding that cultivating and trusting a connection with your heart is very important. As you progress on your journey, you become more aware of the reactions of your mind because your inner heart awareness has grown. You are instead being increasingly drawn to the inner voice that is now speaking to you. You may not completely understand it, but you feel a trust growing inside of you with which you can resonate. You find yourself being nudged and prodded to lead from your heart instead of your mind. ~ heart and mind You learn that it’s quite a different dynamic when you are led by your mind. Your mind wants to manipulate the energies in yourself and others to find solutions and make things happen. It becomes a battle in your mind when your heart is also communicating with you. This is where you emerge as the decision maker to silence your mind so that you can hear the wisdom in your heart. This is also when you learn that your mind is not always your friend. Everyone can relate to fighting judgmental thoughts and arguments within your mind.

You also learn that your heart is loving, supportive, nurturing, and uplifting. It offers wisdom, knowledge, and solutions from that place inside of you where fear doesn’t exist. You awaken to a personal awareness of who you truly are. With that dawning awareness, comes revelations of where you’ve been compromising yourself or where you have been compromised, where you’ve been truthful or where you’ve not been, and where you have taken responsibility and where you haven’t. All of these revelations come with a deep call to personal responsibility in all areas of your life.

Taking responsibility for everything about you
is the beginning of learning who you truly are:
your thoughts, your words, your actions, your intentions, and your beliefs.

Most of your awareness of these parts of you have been unconsciously locked in the habits, reactions, and programming of your finite mind. Now with new awarenesses dawning within you regularly . . . you start learning more about you, from the inside. This generally leads you to wanting to be more conscious of who you are and what you want to create.

This part of the journey involves learning how to disengage from the reactionary habits of your finite ego mind and to cultivate a strong and trusting connection with your inner voice, your heart. You partner with your heart and build a relationship that becomes vital to you on your Hero’s journey.

As you learn to sit with yourself and to be still so that you can hear this amazing inner voice, you begin to feel comfortable about your heart leading you to the truths that you need to learn about yourself. And over time, and with practice, you come to depend on your inner guidance as you face things in your life with new understandings and intentions. The path may not always be clear, but you can always count on what you are feeling. Ask your heart for clarity when you need it. ~ woman listening to heart wisdomThe Hero’s Journey changes you. It changes how you meet yourself, how you now meet others, and how you see things, react to things, ponder things, and create things. You will meet others on your path who are on their Hero’s Journey. Go with confidence and trust the process. Trust your heart. And remember, that you’re on your own, forging this new path, listening, and learning . . . but you are not alone. There is great support within and all around you, if you open your eyes, ears, and perceptions to see it!