Is it August 2021 already?  We are still reveling in July’s Energies and hence the late post of our July 2021 Newsletter!

We were blessed again last month with a wonderful invitation to self discovery and personal inquiry by our new writer for Whole Soul School and Foundation, Renee Taintor.  In her latest blog post, she asks . . .

How Deep Is Your Trust?
Your heart will never lie to you.
Be still and listen to the soft but powerful words of your heart.

You will find comfort, strength, and wisdom in your heart.

So what does it mean to become your True Self?  It’s definitely a process of self discovery and self uncovering. Once you become aware of how unaware you have been, it opens up a whole new world of YOU that you haven’t connected to before. It can be overwhelming because you are entertaining thoughts that you haven’t before.  You are having feelings that are new.  You are opening up to the voice of who you truly are and not just the person you helped put together through habitual thoughts and programming.

You are on the path, your path, your Hero’s Journey, guided by deep instincts rising up inside of you; It is an Unknown Knowing. That feeling comes from your heart, not your mind.  It is a deep, quiet authority that has always been ever-present inside of you. Though this is new to you, you will find a level of trust you weren’t aware of before.  It is a natural feeling that everything is going to be okay.

Your life up until your “awakening” has been mostly automatic or on autopilot.  Maybe you haven’t been aware that most of your thoughts were given to you by parents, teachers, caregivers, friends, partners, books, movies, and passing comments.

We have been taught to simply accept these thoughts and build a “mindset” with them, that we use to live and guide our lives by, mostly without question.  It is the questioning that is a sign of your awakening.

Maybe you have very few thoughts that are of your own original thinking.  Maybe no one told you to examine the thoughts of your mindset to see what’s in there, to see what’s guiding you and causing you to have the reactions and responses that have become so familiar to you.

Is your mindset true for you or just accepted by you?  Does it serve you or do you serve it?  What does that mean?  Have you ever questioned your thoughts?  Do you like how you respond to situations and people?

One of the first big steps on The Hero’s Journey is to start listening to, and trusting, your heart.  Cultivate that connection.  Take time to be still and to get to know that part of you that has always been a part of you and that has always spoken to you.  It is an inner attunement process to hear its messages for you.

Trust your heart to lead you on your Hero’s Journey.
Trust the process.
How deep is your trust?

We are incredibly grateful for these powerful insights and inquiries that Renee Taintor shines a light on for all of us.  How deep IS our trust?  Can we hear the still, steady, and amazing voice of our hearts amidst the powerful, energetic roars of these wild times we are living in right now?  It may be time to cultivate a connection as Renee suggests. Thank you for joining us in these empowering conversations and Good Vibes Broadcasts this month and beyond!  For that is exactly what our mission here at Whole Soul School and Foundation is all about.  We aim to inspire and empower you in your Rising Hero’s Journey so that you can more authentically live and trust Who You Really Are! 

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