Marie Mohler and Earthkeeper Selina Mu share a heart centered conversation about Ancient Wisdom for the New Earth. In this conversation, they authentically and openly share some aspects of their journey to Remember All That They Are. And they share their insights for all listening today about the Path to Remembering Who WE ALL Truly Are.

As the world continues to grow and change, as the old systems continue to fail, and as the earth itself continues to embrace a new birth that is catalyzing new ways of living, being, and cooperating together as a planetary collective, these insights are vital to support each of our journeys into greater wholeness, peace, and light inside ourselves.

This first conversation between Marie Mohler and Earthkeeper Selina Mu is one of many to come, where we share in this Sacred Heart Space . . . Ancient Wisdom for the New Earth. We will have new podcasts every two weeks in this particular Whole Soul School and Foundation podcast series. The next one will be available on or around November 15th.

So please, come join us! Come join the round table heart sharing in the home and hearth of the Earth Mother, occurring twice monthly from this day forth!

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