Know Yourself
Through The Sacred Wisdom of Your Heart

By Renee Taintor
September 2021

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.

We last spoke about partnering with your heart as you continue on the path of the Hero’s journey.  The dynamic, living relationship you co-create with your heart is your lifeline to your Self and infinite wisdom and knowledge.
whole soul school and foundation ~ heart connection ~ know thyselfYour confidence grows in this sacred relationship as you have conversations with yourself and your heart.  This is the source for YOUR truth.  There are no secrets or hidden agendas. You can trust your heart to lead you out of the old ways of being and into true self that you seek.  Finding out who you are now and the you that is unfolding on your Hero’s Journey is a grand adventure.
Do you really know yourself?  Or is your self image made up of things you were told about yourself, assumptions you made, expectations from yourself, parents, and friends. And teachers, books, movies and influencers?  Who are you and what thoughts and  perceptions have created the you in this moment?
At some point on your journey you realize that you may not be sure about how you think and feel about certain people or situations.  This awareness can lead you to deeply exploring parts of yourself that have been under the radar and calling for clarity now.  When you start asking yourself the questions about who you are and allow yourself to be completely truthful, you can feel liberated because now you are the one answering the questions for yourself, sometimes for the first time.
This part of the journey is about you facing you.  It’s about you finding the truth about your preferences and beliefs, which is essentially delving deeper into how you think and feel about everything in your life.  Even little details are significant in this inner inquiry into knowing thyself on a deeper level.  For example, you might find that you don’t like broccoli but ate it anyway ~ because you heard it was good for you!
When you are unsure about how you feel about something, you can create time to commune in your heart.  You do the dialogue and exploring before you make a decision about how to respond. Take the time you need to walk around an issue to get clear and to be clear.  Then you can say with that clarity and honesty this is me or this isn’t me.
whole soul school and foundation ~ your heart connection is the key Each thing you learn about yourself helps to build a self image that is based solely on your own inner wisdom and clarity.  This becomes the foundation for how you live your life.  These truths become embedded in your heart and they are the threads that weave this more holistic picture of you.  Your heart becomes a stronghold of the fabric of you and a safe, secure place you can go when facing the many situations of life.  Knowing yourself is the master key to making decisions and following your dreams and desires.
You are the only one making the choices for you now.
You are building your foundation from your own wisdom.
Knowing yourself deeply ~ is coming home.