Empowering the Heroic Soul Within
by Renée Taintor 

What Is Spiritual Awareness?


Webster’s Dictionary defines awareness as “having or showing realization, perception, or knowledge and understanding that something is happening or exists.” Spirit is defined as “an animating or vital principal held to give life to physical organisms: a supernatural being or essence.” Spiritual is defined as “of or relating to sacred matters.”

Thus it can be said that Spiritual Awareness is the awareness of that part of you that is more than what your 5 physical senses can perceive and report back to you. It is the awareness of your true natural essence. It is the awareness of a Presence inside you that is unseen. It is your own Personal Presence of the OmniPresence. Your Presence that is connected to God, the Consciousness of ALL THAT IS.

Whole Soul School and Foundation ~ Renee Taintor ~ Thought Bytes
Where is your Spiritual Awareness located

It is located in your heart space. Your heart is more than just an organ that pumps blood through your body. It is the space where YOU connect to God, Source, the Infinite, or whatever language and words that you choose to call it. And it is also the space where God’s Essence connects to you and communicates with you. It is the place where the true voice of your heart carries the love that dwells inside of you and seeks to express that love not only to others ~ but to YOU as well.

This heart space is where you receive your wisdom, guidance, comfort, knowing, intuition, and everything you need in your life, within and without. Your heart is the barometer of who you are choosing to be and how you are choosing to manifest your personality. It is your moral compass by which you present yourself in the world.

To connect with your Spiritual Awareness, all you have to do is to become AWARE of it. Be aware that you are aware of it. Becoming aware and thinking about it calls it up and into your heart, as well as your conscious mind. Then you just start communicating and communing with your awareness of this Presence inside of you.

First you become aware of this presence.  Then you start working with it and it becomes a part of your every day life. You become familiar with the way your heart speaks to you, how it comforts you, and the ways in which it guides you.

Over time, you begin to see the value of this connection and what it is offering to you in the way of guidance, wisdom, and comfort. You gradually begin to seek it out and summon it in all areas of your life, because you feel the support and grounding it provides to you. You eventually become identified and more integrated with it ~ because you have partnered with it. And then you realize you ARE it.  You ARE it because you are now embodying its Essence.  And for some people reading this ~ this energy and awareness is synonymous with being made in the image of God.   

 Living with the tools you gain from this connection is the essence of living in harmony with God or Source Energy. It does not mean that you won’t have challenges and difficult decisions in your life, but you will have tools available to you that you didn’t have . . . before you chose this Path of Spiritual Awareness and followed it toward your true heart’s essence.

Whole Soul School and Foundation ~ Renee Taintor ~ January 2023Connecting with others who also have this awareness is a beautiful thing because it is a Universal commonality that creates a village and community worth living and participating in.

There is an abundance of beautiful people in the world that live this way and who can offer help and support for those who are just starting on this journey. This writer sends love and support your way. Always and Forever.