Integration: Weaving the Greater Picture ~ Part 1
By Lacy Frazer & Marie Mohler

As we round the corner into the last two months of 2019, we round the corner here at WSSF as well . . . in our “Human to Soul” Journey and thus our Journeys of Personal Transformation. We have laid many inspiring and engaging breadcrumbs for our listeners and readers to track and trace over the last 10 months, as we all seek to become more self aware, more connected to universal energies, and more committed to living a life of meaning and purpose.  And it is essential for us to now marinate in a review of some of these life skills, these tools and resources for living a spiritual life, and embracing these perspective shifts with greater ease, self awareness, vitality, and positive energy.     

Our hero’s journey ~ that leads us on a path of personal transformation, liberation, and empowerment ~ begins with the awareness that we are essentially human beings who are governed by an EGO that utilizes a set of conditioned beliefs and resulting responses ~ that leave us feeling separated from ourselves, others, and from God/Source/the Universe. We uncover clues and begin to realize that we have been defending with vigor these beliefs that often are not even ours, leaving us feeling frustrated, alone, unloved, and “not enough.” As we journey further along the path of increasing our self-awareness, we are called to face the patterns of thinking, feeling, believing, and behaving that often ignite the negative emotional states that lead to destructive or challenging patterns in our lives. As we become better acquainted with our own habits and patterns, we allow ourselves to feel more vulnerable with ourselves as we face our role in creating, telling, and manifesting our story. As we uncover, discover, and take responsibility for our “shadow” traits, we ultimately find new ways to accept our shadow aspects as perhaps our greatest teachers. It is through these challenging times that we are intuitively driven and guided to seek a different way, a different path, and an alternative experience that often is motivated by the desire for more meaning, healing, and wholeness in our human lives. This is captured in the feeling “this can’t be all there is.”

As we peek around the corner of this stage in the journey, we find ourselves feeling fear about leaving the past and what we we have “known,” while at the same time entertaining a certain level of excitement about a new adventure and a new life that awaits our discovery and co-creation. This is the point where our soul begins to yawn, stretch, and truly awaken from its slumber. We begin to entertain new ideas about who we really are, as we increasingly let go of the conditioned identity that we have created as our human self, or as the character we have played in our human lives.  We open to the possibility that we are so much more than what we have been lead to believe. This is when we begin paying attention to synchronistic events in our lives. We begin to notice the connections between events and patterns throughout our life.  And we start to feel we are a player in a much larger field of energy and consciousness than we previously could have imagined. 

As we allow ourselves to see life through this very different and more empowering lens, our attention and viewpoint shifts from “the distracted, defended, and disempowered human” to experiencing ourselves as extraordinary spiritual beings having human experiences. And we understand and elevate our conscious awareness, through higher perspectives in both science and spirituality, that we are not separate individuals walking alone through life.  But rather that we are all being powered by universal energy, or a universal consciousness, that connects us with every one and every thing. We learn to “manage” our own energy field and we learn to co-create new realities with this universal energy that truly feel magical. By this point in our journey, we have stepped into our true power because we understand that we are 100% responsible for creating our lives and daily reality through our vibrational relationships with ourselves, our thoughts, our feelings, our actions, and our behaviors, . . . with others, . . . and with a conscious living universe. And this is liberating!

As we review and weave together our steady monthly themes over past 10 months, we are reminded of The Celestine Vision, by author James Redfield. In this book, he describes 12 Insights which essentially describe and illustrate the Journey of our Collective Spiritual Awakening. We will use these 12 Insights to illuminate the path that we have been on here at Whole Soul School and Foundation since January 2019, throughout our new offerings in November and in December as well. These insights, combined with reflections from our own journeys from human to soul, aim to guide us as we round the bend of our first year of offerings and conscious conversations.

We love connecting with you.  We love sharing our stories, our insights, our resources, and our special guests with you and with people worldwide through these incredible conversations! 

The Hero’s Journey is beckoning to all of us.  We are the Hero of our Very Own Journey, Play, Theatre, and Transformations.  So stay with us this next month, in November 2019, or any time that you find yourself finding our podcasts and offerings here.  The Hero’s Journey is Now and the Hero’s Journey is Timeless.  It finds each and every one of us with a precision that no one and nothing in this world could create. 

The Hero’s Journey is a Soul Journey . . . where we quest to find, remember, rediscover, and restore our True Essence of Light inside us.   

Thanks for being a part of this extraordinary quest and journey with us! 

Please join us in the conversations this month ~ where we will uncover and reactivate the 12 Insights from James Redfield ~ that are summoning us all ~ to remember Who We Really Are!