Integration:  Weaving the Greater Picture Part 2
The End & The Beginning
By Lacy Frazer

December marks the final month in the year 2019, and the final month of our year-long ‘Human to Soul’ Journey at Whole Soul School and Foundation. This was a year of templating a pathway forward for WSSF and it seemed fitting to set foundational pillars along that path in the form of monthly themes. These themes began with the EGO, the conductor of the human experience, and end with the Soul, our infinite nature connected to All That Is. These last 12 months have been focused on taking that initial walk on the Path of Spiritual Awakening, and ultimately, on the Path to Oneness.

When I teach about living in an energetic universe, I liken it to a fish living in the ocean. A fish survives due to the constant stream of water flowing through its gills. Water passes over the walls of the gills dissolving oxygen which moves into the bloodstream. Without the water, the fish would die. I ask my students to picture the fish swimming through the ocean ~ with water flowing in and out of its body. And then I ask the question: “So where does the fish end . . . and the water begin?” Occasionally, after some jaws drop and eyes open wide, as if it is the most profound question ever asked, someone might say: “There is no end ~ they are ONE.”

This is how I experience our human existence – within a vast universe of energy. As human beings, we have energy moving through us, just like the water moves through the fish. This energy provides the power that animates us as humans and provides a direct connection to a Divine energy source. So I ask you, where does the human end . . . and the Universe begin? It doesn’t ~ they are One.

Now let’s take this a step further. The universal energy that is flowing through us is not only electromagnetically charged but it is the same invisible energy that organizes all things. It is the same positive, all-knowing, creative energy that one might call God, the Universe, or Source. Yes, this means that we have the power of God/Universe/Source coursing through our human bodies all the time and that we have access to the Divine whenever we choose to “tune in,” to “connect,” and to feel our oneness with All That Is. And if I have universal energies flowing through me, and you have the same universal energies flowing through you, then we really are all connected!

So in this final month of 2019, we will ask some powerful questions:

How do you experience the Divine in You?

How does God/Source/Universal energy express itself through you?

What are some ways we can tap into this amazingly powerful energy that is already us, and thus ~ is already a brilliant part of us?

In January 2019, we began our conversations at WSSF about the EGO and the conditioned self. We described the human experience as an experience of separation. We acknowledged the early conditioning that left us feeling separated from others, separated from ourselves, and separated from God/Source/Universal Energies. However, as we journeyed, we uncovered the truth of who we really are . . . Spiritual Beings having Human Experiences. We are truly Human Beings powered by Universal Energies, God Energies, Source energies.

As James Redfield described in The Celestine Prophecy, our human consciousness is awakening from a long slumber. It is time for our Soul to rise, feel our Oneness with universal consciousness, and allow this creative spark to move through us en route to shifting and changing this world we live in. Deepak Chopra’s Seven Spiritual Laws of Success will help to support and guide our deeper conversations in December 2019 as we further explore connecting with the Divine Source Energy within.

Join us in December 2019 ~ in our inspiring conversations, podcasts, and video interviews. And join us as we launch into January 2020! Rise into this New Decade of Greater Awakening, Self Awareness, Technological and Spiritual Innovation, and a Beautiful Renaissance of Unity and Universal Energy with us!