by Renee Taintor

We last spoke of seeking a Higher Love that many of us long for. We touched on some helpful tools that when used can lead to a higher place of perspective and perception. One example of this is transforming the energy in your situations by not engaging in the reactive mind’s suggestions.  Another example is reaching for thoughts that carry a higher vibration to sustain your commitment to being the change you wish to see in yourself and the world.

February 2022 ~ Renee Taintor Blog It might be coming into your realization that you can look at yourself as the “manager” of your life’s experiences and of the energies that come to you from the situations and people in your life, the energies you generate from within and project outward, and the energy of your self-talk and how you treat yourself. When you embody this concept, it changes how you experience your life and everything in it.

As you begin living in the higher awareness of being your own manager, you’ll find it helpful to look at the tools that you are using to enhance your life management skills. As an example, you might inform your lower mind that you will no longer be activating the automatic thoughts that were once a source of continual stress, worry, and anxiety that fed your life with unwanted energy. This in turn became energy that you then perpetuated and sometimes unwittingly passed on to others. You want to become aware of your self-talk in order to see if it is building you up, empowering, and encouraging you . . . or whether it is tearing you down and judging you.

As you become more familiar with monitoring your thoughts and emotions to eliminate the ego’s reactive instincts and options, you will be able to more easily determine through which mind set you are living, activating, or expressing yourself.  Are you feeling stress, pressure, or anxiety?  This is a sure sign that these emotions are being generated through the reactive mind.  Are you feeling peace of mind and trust that you are being led to do the right thing? You can be confident that these uplifting thoughts come from your Divine heart-mind.  

Check in with your feelings and emotions often as a way to see what experiences you are creating. If you don’t like what you feel, back up in your mind to see where that thread of thoughts started.  Then change your thoughts about it. Switch the source of your thoughts: reactive mind or Divine heart/mind. Once you see the power of this way of managing the energy around you, you find a confidence and peace of mind that wasn’t present before.

You have now become a conscious creator and conscious manager of your life. You are disengaging from old thought patterns and learning the discernment that you need to differentiate between the true sources of your thoughts. Now you can catch yourself at the crossroads before you activate the thoughts, feelings, and actions you actually wish to generate. This insures that you are in the driver’s seat of your life. 

Build your Divine heart-mind set with thoughts that actually serve you.  How do you do that? Find thoughts that make you feel good and nurture you.  Keep asking for guidance to add the thoughts that are designed to nurture you and help you. A good one to start with is “God is Omnipresent.”  Because of the ‘like attracts like” Law of the Universe, as you begin meditating on this thought, more thoughts that support it will stream in.  It might look like this:

God is Omnipresent.

That means God is everywhere Present.

That means you can’t go anywhere where God isn’t.

That means God fills all space all the time at the same time.

That means God is ever-present all around me.

Then that means He’s ever-present inside me all the time.

That means everywhere I rest my eyes, I see God.

See how this works? Because these are God thoughts, they are LIVING ENERGY and they will therefore expand your awareness and add to your well being.  This is by design.  Try it and you will be amazed at what comes to you. Write these living thoughts down and review them often until they are anchored in your heart. Then once you connect to your heart, the right thoughts will rise up to meet you to give you what is needed in that moment. Automatically. Just like the reactive mind did. Only now you have filled and empowered your heart with God’s living thoughts. This allows you to embody the Divine. This allows you to change your humanity.

Here are some other God thoughts that you can accept into your Divine heart-mind.

I have God’s Presence inside of me. 

I have God’s love and light inside of me

I have God’s heart inside of me.

I have God’s guidance inside of me.

I have God’s Spirit inside of me.

I have God’s breath inside of me.

God is breathing me.

God always has my back.

There is always a solution to everything. I may not know it right now but it’s on its way.  

Be patient with yourself as you switch from a reactive creator mentality to a conscious creator mentality that is guided by the Love and Light inside of you. The only thing keeping you from believing that this is possible are the doubts generated from your reactive mind. That’s the place where doubt and judgment come from. That’s the place that keeps you small . . . and doubting yourself and God’s presence in your life. 

February 2022 ~ Renee Taintor ~ WSSF BlogTrust yourself because that PRESENCE is alive inside of you.  You are a ONE of a kind masterpiece.  There is no other person like YOU in the entire Creation of God. You are YOU for a reason. You are here for a reason. You witness God on Earth through the people you come in contact with every day, people who embody that Eternal Love.  

At some point, you will realize that when you see and honor the Divine in others, you will embrace the Truth of Who They Really Are. Witness that Divinity in yourself too.  Know it and trust it.  It’s all around you.  Your Light and Love already shines beautifully and brightly. We are the lighthouses of the world because we are made that way. It’s FIRST NATURE for many of us. Walk in the Truth of Who You Are and choose Love in as many situations as you can. The world needs us to be Who We Are more than ever now.