This Fireside Chat Conversation with Lacy Frazer and Marie Mohler is Part 2 of January 2019’s 2-Part Whole Soul School and Foundation Series ~ focusing on the theme: The Ego and the Conditioned Self. In this conversation, Marie and Lacy spotlight one of their favorite films that illustrates the role and mechanism of the Ego and the Conditioned Self in our every day lives, through 3 main characters/vignettes in this film by Hay House Inc., called The Shift. It is a film that brilliantly shares the work of Dr. Wayne Dyer, whose messages, insights, and teachings touched the hearts of people worldwide. Dr. Wayne Dyer identifies in this film about our soul journeys from “ambition to meaning”, or in our Whole Soul School and Foundation’s language, from the Ego or Conditioned Self to the Authentic or True Self . . . 6 Core Characteristics of the Ego Identity. He also identifies and describes 4 Virtues that can help anyone begin to bridge the gap between the Egoic Self and the Authentic Self. Marie and Lacy discuss the highlights of this film, and reference The Shift in this 2nd Fireside Chat for people to find on Hay,, or even relevant film clips on YouTube, so that any seekers or questers of their own brighter light, healing, positive shifts, and awakening can experience the insights so brilliantly illustrated in this film themselves!