WSSF Co-Founder Marie Mohler and Earthkeeper Selina Mu continue their “Ancient Voices for the New Earth” conversation in Podcast #5. In this episode, Selina Mu and Marie Mohler talk about Spirit Guides. Who are they? What is their purpose in our life? How can we connect with them? There is a treasure trove of insights shared in this podcast, for anyone curious about their guides, how to begin making contact with them, and how to make it a part of your daily life experiences. Connecting with our Spirit Guides is as natural to our Souls as breathing air is to our physical bodies. Selina Mu helps us understand how to make this essential connection with this wonderful energy and this beautiful support system we all have in Spirit!

Please join us in this heart centered connection and conversation that highlights a pathway of communication and greater support for all of us as we remember how to connect with Spirit and our Team of Guides in Spirit.

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