In this Transformation Talks Episode #2, Whole Soul School and Foundation Co-Founder Lacy Frazer and Guest Jeff Jones discuss the Ego, Its Armor, and the Remedy and Healing Power of Self Love. Many wonderful insights and awarenesses are shared with a refreshing authenticity and reference for the journeys we all make in our own perfect timing to remember ourselves as Whole Souls. For it is awareness that sheds light on the methods and mechanisms of our egos and our conditioned beliefs. And it is awareness that can help us begin to let go of our armor, and our false selves, to find immense blessings inside ourselves and in our lives. So thank you for tuning in to our vlog and/or podcast today! We hope it inspires you in the journey to remember your wholeness, light, and greater perfection in the larger story of earth and your perfect place and presence in it.