In Fireside Chats ~ Episode No. 16, Marie Mohler and Lacy Frazer discuss and review insights from the film, The Living Matrix, as it relates to Science and Spirituality.  Many researchers and scientists in this film reveal some of the scientific theories behind alternative healing methods and they offer some perspectives to consider on how these important concepts may shift the future of healthcare.  Some of the topics covered in the film and in this podcast are: a variety of factors that contribute to people’s sense of well-being, the quantum physics behind the human body-field, the role of intentions in healing, heart coherence, and information medicine. The researchers and scientists in the film state that healthcare is in a crises.  The crisis . . . is a crisis of our model . . . Newton’s “Clockwork Model” that purports that mind is separate from body and that we are all separate from each other.  They state that it is time for a revolution . . . one that moves from being a disease centered orientation to one that fosters a healing centered orientation.  And Lacy and Marie invite all listeners to consider in their own lives where this intersection of medicine and spirituality converges . . . and where the intersection of science and spirituality converges. Because more and more, it seems we are being drawn to a more holistic lens and approach to viewing our world and our place in it . . . based on beliefs in oneness, unity, cooperation, compassion, energy, intention, and vibration.

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