Welcome to our 2nd Episode of Mind Body Spirit Fitness! In this episode, Host Marie Mohler and Guest Sue Wells talk about the very important topic of Inner Discernment. They ask the question ~ how do we tap into our Inner Discernment and look within our own vibration and our own inner guidance system ~ to know the Truth? How can we learn to tune in to ourselves ~ to discern what is True and what is Vibrationally in Resonance for us ~ while there is a great deal of change, information, disinformation, and distraction unfolding all around us on the planet today? Much is being revealed in our world today . . . about us, about who we are as individuals, and about who we are as a collective humanity. Knowing how to connect within . . . and how to truly listen to our Inner Discernment and our Inner Compass and Guidance System . . . is an important conversation for all of us in these times! Join us for a powerful and inspirational conversation about all of this and more. If you enjoy this podcast and have questions you would like to see us address in future conversations together, please list them in the comments below.

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