Whole Soul School and Foundation’s monthly theme in March 2019 is “Self Awareness: Integrating Shadow and Light.” In Fireside Chat No. 5, Marie Mohler and Lacy Frazer spotlight the role of Self Awareness in transforming our conditioned selves and our egos. They describe several core tools that can help people to increase their Self Awareness in their Journeys of Personal Transformation and Empowerment. If the Ego, the Conditioned Self, and the Ego’s Arsenal and Armor all serve to establish and protect our false or inauthentic selves, then it is the Process of Becoming More Self Aware of our Light and Shadow Aspects that provides the remedy or antidote to inauthenticity, shame, and pain in our lives. Becoming self aware isn’t always the easy path, but it is a True Path that can help people in their quest for wholeness, meaning, joy, authenticity, and well-being. Join us in this conversation, and stay tuned to our second podcast this month, where we will highlight related insights from the film ~ The Shadow Effect, by Debbie Ford.

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