Fireside Chat No. 6 with Lacy Frazer and Marie Mohler spotlights the film “The Shadow Effect” as it relates to this month’s theme of Self Awareness ~ Integrating Shadow and Light. In this conversation, they introduce listeners to the life and teachings of Debbie Ford who brought the gifts of shadow work and awareness into humanity’s consciousness in a really profound way and at a critical time on the planet. As we see the effects of greed, imbalance, indifference, disconnection, etc. on our world today, there is no greater time than the present to begin to more deeply listen to the wisdom in The Shadow Effect’s teachings and to apply some of the tools offered in Debbie Ford’s work. This is a “must see” film that can support all of us on our journeys to greater self awareness and wholeness. Lacy and Marie highlight some of the key concepts and quotes in this film to deepen listeners experience and awareness of the ultimate gifts that await us as we meet the shadow aspects of ourselves that have long desired our conscious attention and commitment to heal.

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