In Global Spotlight ~ Episode #8, Dr. Terry Cole-Whittaker joins Marie Mohler to delve deeper into her insightful 8 Steps to Spiritual & Earthly Riches series. In this podcast, we explore Step #3 ~ Be Willing To Have What You Ask For. Dr. Terry offers a wellspring of stories, insights, and keen awareness to assist you and our Collective Humanity to remember the Truth of Who We Are. In this heart centered conversation, we talk about the next key step in manifesting your dreams and desires. Along the way, we spotlight personal awareness, meaning, deep faith, challenges, and miracles. Dr. Terry’s Obstacle Clearing Process is shared towards the end of the video, which is an incredible skill and set of tools for the heroic soul’s journey. Dr. Terry Cole-Whittaker is the author of 6 best-selling books: What You Think of Me is None of My Business, New York Times bestseller How to Have More in a Have Not World, The Inner Path, Love and Power in a World Without Limits, Dare to be Great, & Live Your Bliss. Check them out!