In Global Spotlight #15, Dr. Terry Cole-Whittaker joins Marie Mohler to explore 7 Hermetic Axioms & 10 Insights For Aspiring and Inspiring Conscious Leaders, Creators, & Business Owners. In this podcast, we discuss the Law of Cause and Effect (found in the 7 Hermetic Axioms) as well as 10 Powerful Insights that Generate Solutions for the Issues or Challenges your Clients may have. Themes include reconnecting with the Earth (the Great Mother) and Animals, being a Seeker, letting go of the Mental/Mind, and making room for more Joy and more Nectar in our lives. Dr. Terry offers a wellspring of incredible stories and insights as well as her keen awareness and lifetime of spiritual discoveries to assist you and our Collective Humanity to remember the Truth of Who We Really Are. Dr. Terry Cole-Whittaker is the author of 6 best-selling books: What You Think of Me is None of My Business, New York Times bestseller How to Have More in a Have Not World, The Inner Path, Love and Power in a World Without Limits, Dare to be Great, & Live Your Bliss. Check them out!