Welcome to Episode No. 5 of Mind Body Spirit Fitness! In this episode, Marie Mohler and Sue Wells talk about a very important topic ~ Finding Your Center. In the world today, many energies, events, emotions, and experiences – personally, globally, and planetarily – might seem to have great power to pull us off center, to pull us off course, or to to create distractions from our gifts, our light, our sense of inner well being, our spiritual connectedness, our life purpose, and more. You will find this conversation inspiring and affirming of your own ups and downs in the journey as well as some tools to rebalance and reset your inner light. Sue Wells leads a brief meditation towards the end, when there is about about 17 minutes left in the video. So we invite you to tune in to your spirit and your light within with us today. And we invite you to remain aware of your ability to find your center and to ground in your center no matter the energies or life circumstances that might appear to pull or draw you off center. Inner Balance from this higher perspective is a choice. It is a choice to take a breath, to ground in the center of your being, and to ground in the Greater Truth that you really are, that lives beyond all of the noise of our busy daily lives!