In this Fireside Chats ~ Episode No. 24, show hosts Lacy Frazer and Marie Mohler invite listeners to really reflect on their own Journeys of Personal Transformation as they listen to these insights from the film, 5 Gateways.  Lacy and Marie discuss the 5 Gateways in the language the film producers created to describe this mystical and vital journey we all make to remember the Truth of Who We Really Are.  Namely, the Gateway, the Keys, the Tools, the Quotes, and Sharings of People’s Experiences in the Journey . . . are all presented as best one can in an hour’s conversation about lifetimes of journeying to be here Now, in this moment, on the threshold of profound personal change and planetary transformation.  Join us in this heartfelt sharing today and we invite you into a willingness to receive whatever insights are yours to glean from this film, and this powerful year, of spotlighting the Amazing Journey of Personal Transformation!

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