Michael Noreski

Michael Noreski, Board Member - Whole Soul School and Foundation

Board Member

Michael Noreski is currently and professionally a North Carolina Certified Peer Support Specialist and a National Peer Support Specialist. All of these titles, as important as they are to others, are just a symbol of who I have become. I have been a CEO, a President of a company. But my greatest accomplishments in my life have allowed me the honor of learning to do things in the highest good and in service of others. Through my own life’s experiences, I have found empathy that allows me to reach out into the spirit of others and to assist them in life’s journey. I now teach, touch, and advocate for others so that while they may know that life in this fallen world has painful moments for every living creature, pain can also be redemptive with truth and with an awakening within one’s self.

I am a loving husband of 42 years, a proud father, and a nurturing Pop Pop. I live my life from within 18 inches, my heart to my mind.

Michael’s Certifications:

  • North Carolina Certified Peer Support Specialist (NC-CPSS)
  • National Certified Peer Support
  • NCPS
  • Certified Adult Mental Health First (CAMHFA)
  • Certified Children Mental Health First Aid (CCMHFA)
  • Certified Crisis Intervention (CIT)
  • Certified CPR and Blood Pathogens CPR -C