Friday, September 13, 2019
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Marie Mohler, M.A.

Board of Directors, Vice President
Author, Intuitive, and Consciousness Educator
M.A. Psychology

Marie was born with an innate sensitivity and attunement to hope, healing, goodness, and our interconnectedness with nature, the earth, animals, and all life on this planet. This called her to help others to heal and to find freedom in their true self expression. Many paths opened in her life experience to deepen these values and honor this calling. Today, Marie shares her wisdom and gifts as an artist, writer, educator, intuitive, consciousness advocate, and visionary. She is the author of 16+ published books and 8 CDs, and considers herself a vessel and literary voice for peace, hope, and light on the planet.

Marie believes in the Power and Desire of the Human Spirit to Become a Whole Soul. She recognizes the unique teachers that our life lessons and experiences are for each of us. Marie respects the various pathways we take to remember ourselves as Spiritual Beings having Human Experiences. She recognizes our light and shadow aspects that are necessary in the journey for us to come full circle at some point in our personal evolutions and to realize that we are all of it. We are that Essence of Divine Wholeness that our Powerful Life Journeys manifest for us and through us.

Change often necessitates Newness. It can require New Inspiration, Language, Education, Support, Classes, Experiences, Community, Coaching, and Guidance . . . for people to feel safe, to release the old patterns that no longer serve their Highest Good, and to find the inner road map within . . . that points to a Path of Greater Wholeness, Conscious Awareness, Joy, Vitality, and Balance in their life again.

Marie empowers you as you explore *The Newness* your soul deeply desires in your daily life experiences now, and she gives voice to your Unique Power to Live the Gifts You Truly Are, to Face the Fears or Blocks you may have, and to Rise into the Greater Light you came here To Authentically BE.

You can tune into her inspirational messages and blog posts at and via her Color The Magic channel on YouTube.

Marie Mohler has a B.A. in Psychology from Washington College and an M.A. in Psychology: Specializing in Professional Counseling from The Georgia School of Professional Psychology.