Sunday, January 23, 2022
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Lacy Frazer, Psy.D.

Board of Directors, President
Life, Leadership, and Soul Coach
Consciousness Educator

Life is an expansive experience made up of millions of mini-experiences. What  if  every  experience  has a hidden meaning? What if every experience has a lesson to teach us? What if every experience is perfectly designed to show us something about us? And what if we are the creators of our  own reality…of all these mini-experiences that mirror

ourselves to ourselves? This would mean there are NO accidents, no coincidences, and  no chance encounters. And it would also mean that we have the power to shift the negative to positive, to transform the struggles into possibilities, and to alchemize the suffering into positive growth. This is the lens through which I  view the journey of life, and this is the lens through which I teach, lead, guide, and coach others.

Over the past 22 years, I worked as a clinical psychologist in a federal  prison. As I  journeyed  through  my own life as a mental health  professional,  mother, parent, and spouse, I  was also witnessing and guiding the  journeys of men while they experienced incarceration. I began to see that while these  men  were literally incarcerated~ most of humanity was experiencing at some level their own mental and emotional incarceration, of which they were unaware. Over time, my role in the prison became much more than a psychologist, as I realized that my purpose was to help men from all walks of life to free themselves from themselves.

Witnessing the profound, transformational shifts in the lives of the men I worked with, as well as the  lives of those around them, was truly extraordinary. Time and again I heard  them say, “I  cannot  believe I  had to  come to prison to find my freedom.”

I have learned over the years and witnessed firsthand that the desire for  mental,  emotional,  physical,  and spiritual freedom is not just a desire of the prison population, but a deep dream within us all. It is this desire,

this hunger for a deeper, broader, and more meaningful sense of freedom, that has motivated me to co-create Whole Should School and Foundation (WSSF). People around the world are demanding a way out of their conditioned lives. They are seeking tools and resources to help them find meaning and purpose in their lives. They are ready to expand into their greatness by freeing themselves from themselves. And I believe that WSSF is a doorway that many are seeking to walk through. It is time to take back our power and create the life we were born and designed to live!

Motivated and inspired by the courage and transformation of the men I  worked  with over the  years, I  retired  from my job in the federal prison system in December 2017. I enrolled in an Authentic Leadership Coaching Certification Program and stepped into the co-creation of Whole Soul School and  Foundation. I  have  a Doctorate Degree in Psychology from The Georgia School of Professional Psychology and acquired  my Authentic Leadership Coach Certification from the Raleigh Coaching Academy.