Empowering the Heroic Soul Within
by Renée Taintor 


WSSF September 2022 Renee Taintor ~ Thought Bytes What do you see when you look at humanity? Do you see the good? The bad? Both? In the Disney movie “Pollyanna,” the young heroine says: “If you look for the good in people, you’ll find it. If you look for the bad in people, you’ll find it.” She spent her young life looking for the good in people and it impacted everyone around her in a positive way. Are you aware of what you look for in others and how ultimately you see humanity? 

We live in a diverse Sea of Humanity. We’d be in trouble if God didn’t see the Divine and the good in us. Our lives are made up of many facets that we each juggle daily to make it work. Because you are human, you can see that the daily juggle is not always easy and not always accomplished. I think all humans can relate to this. 

If you find yourself judging others for the things you are seeing in their lives, it’s helpful to remember that when you meet someone, what you are seeing is where they are in the “movie” of their life. And this moment in which you see their movie reflects where you are in your “movie.”  THIS is a single moment in time. There doesn’t need to be any judgement. Simply observation. And in that observation, there maybe is an opportunity to be helpful in your very next moment.

You may also find that you judge yourself if you don’t get everything on your list accomplished during the day or the week. This can turn you into a human DOING and not a human BEING, because people have been so conditioned by educational systems and in every day life to become task oriented. 

Have compassion for yourself.  Have patience with yourself. You are doing the best you can against incredible odds at times. See that this is the case for all of humanity.

We are all doing the best we can ~ in this global human family. All of us were made in God’s image. We were made to BE together, to WORK together, and to HELP each other.

WSSF September 2022 ~ Renee Taintor Thought Bytes
Look for the good in the people you meet everywhere you go. Let the awareness of this serve you and your human family. We have no idea what others are facing when we come into contact with them. Zoom out and see the WHOLE person. Do this for yourself as well. Together, as we release judgment and cultivate compassion within us, we can co-create Peace on Earth.