Empowering the Heroic Soul Within
by Renée Taintor 

APRIL 2023:

I accept your offer. I accept your invitation. I accept your apology. I accept your help. These are easy acceptances because there is an acceptance and a closure involved. They come up often in every day life and in all situations.

Looking at the unexpected responses that call for acceptance is more difficult. I accept that you don’t want my invitation. I accept that you don’t want to help me. I accept that you don’t want to apologize. These are very different cases of acceptance. This is where resistance can arise and you are faced with expectations and possible triggers from what you thought the response should have been.

Renee Taintor Thought Bytes April 2023 ~ Acceptance Is KeyThe inner decision to remember that you are responsible for how you interpret and respond to what just happened determines your immediate emotional experience. You might be surprised, shocked, or disappointed. Your can feel stress, struggle, confusion, and even anger.

Remember, no one can MAKE you feel something. You are the one that generates the interpretations and responses from within. Be conscious of your immediate reactions so you can accept how you truly feel. You want to be aware so you can make good conscious choices. Doing this will help you avoid the triggers that can cause stress and emotions that you don’t want to feel and hold.

So what do you do when you are faced with a surprising response? You give yourself a few seconds to connect with your heart to honor and acknowledge your true feelings. Let it be okay that you are reacting. It’s normal and human. You can look at your dynamic later in a quiet space of stillness to address it more fully. You also need to honor and acknowledge the person in front of you who made their choice known to you. Seeing them in a good light helps you stay in the driver’s seat to monitor the energy of the situation.

If you are going to live in Peace and Harmony within, you must find a way to ACCEPT what IS in any given moment. Accepting doesn’t mean agreeing, condoning, or liking what is. It doesn’t mean you understand it or have to do something about it. Accepting can also prevent you from reacting in ways you don’t want to. Accepting can simply be letting go of the need to have some kind of control in the situation or to manipulate it in some way.

Renee Taintor ~ Acceptance Is Key ~ WSSFAccepting can also be called Allowing what is. When you can allow and accept things as they are with an open mind and heart, you release the mental commentary that can cause triggers and turmoil in your mind. You are only responsible for you, your feelings, and interpretations of things inside of you and outside of you.

There is a freedom in Accepting and Allowing things as they are. It is akin to being in Neutrality and knowing that your inner responses are yours alone and you can navigate them inside of you with integrity and self love. It is a super power to be able to walk in this life in the full awareness of who you are with tools as mentioned above to keep you in Harmony and Peace.