Big Picture Innerstanding:
The Bigger Your Picture, The Easier Your Life

Big Picture and Little Picture Living ~ Part 1  
by Renée Taintor

Let’s explore what is meant by Big Picture and Little Picture Living.  What is the big picture?  It is simply the “movie” of your life.  It is the totality of your life and all of the aspects of it which include spiritual connections, perceptions, beliefs, relationships, personal and family responsibilities, job dynamics, community awareness and activities, self-care, thoughts, emotions, actions, reactions, etc.  It is how you innerstand the life that you are in . . . and how you navigate inside and outside of it. 

Renee Taintor ~ The Big Picture ~ WSSF November 2021 The Big Picture can also be defined as the energy dynamics and the flow of your heart, akin to a large energy center, that is the place from which infinite wisdom, intelligence and knowledge flows. Your heart dynamics include the tools that you’ve collected in this special place. These are the guidelines that you use to navigate your life; they are tools that include empowered self talk which helps you to clearly see what you are facing, as well as nudges for you to pause long enough to truly assess your situation and then make conscious decisions about your responses and actions.  When you allow yourself this access to your Heart’s God Wisdom or you can call it your Deeper Soul Wisdom, you become the Conscious Creator in charge of your life.

For the purposes of innerstanding these dynamics of the mind/energy management that we are exploring, there needs to be clarity about The Little Picture as well.  

It’s important to know that The Little Picture is inside The Big Picture and that it is seen and experienced as its own seemingly separate dynamic. It  projects and reflects the energy dynamics of your ego mindset, which includes the thoughts, experiences, beliefs, and perceptions that have been added to your ego mind as you have moved through your life.  It has its own guidelines for managing the energy of your life and it is the place where common, habitual responses live.  This is the place from which we often tend to react.

Most of The Little Picture responses occur in quick, primal, or conditioned  reactions to an outer or inner stimulus. You might hear or see something that strikes a triggering chord in you, to which you feel the impulse to react.  This often happens unconsciously. Or you might remember that you forgot to do something that needs to be done now.  Self judgment, worry, stress, and anxiety are just a few emotions or energetic pathways that can be activated if you are not connected to your heart; because your heart embodies and carries The Big Picture. The ego mind is the part of you that often automatically generates the familiar reactions and responses that you have engaged before. This way of navigating and being in your life can be so familiar to you ~ that you may not even be aware that you are generating these very emotions and thus your own conditioned responses.

There is no need for judgment in these moments because if they can be more carefully witnessed and observed, they can offer valuable tools and lenses through which you can see what energy you are creating and what feelings and thoughts are being activated by your choices. So our well worn pathways of ego-led reactions can really reveal to us important things we need to know about ourselves.  

You are a creator so you might as well create nurturing and constructive life experiences instead of worrisome or fearful ones.  Thus if you allow it, your heart can help you to disengage from lower vibrational thoughts and emotions . . . and instead engage higher vibrational and more nurturing thoughts that are in alignment with your True Self.

The ego-mindset’s responses generally carry a lower vibrational energy that can lead to not feeling good about yourself, your life, and others. Whereas heart-led and heart-mind thoughts and guidance can leave you feeling peaceful and confident because you are connected to your Infinite Source.  It is a big difference between the two dynamics as they spring from different places inside of you.

As you progress on your Hero’s Journey, you often find that disengaging from the ego mind’s reactions is more productive, less stressful, and less emotional. Both the ego-mind and the heart-mind responses create lingering energies that you carry with you throughout your day and your life.

So it is important to become more aware that your thoughts are impacting what’s going on inside you and around you more than you may think.  Stress, worry, doubt, and fear will be your constant companions if you don’t wisely choose the thoughts that you wish to express from the source that is most advantageous for you. Becoming aware of the dynamics of Big Picture Living versus Little Picture Living . . . and being able to see the differences . . . allows you to become the manager and guide of these ever-present energies and to ultimately become a more conscious, confident, and kind creator. 

Renee Taintor ~ The Big Picture ~ WSSF November 2021Some of these benefits of living and being more conscious of your heart and your choices every day in your life includes being more patient and compassionate, and being less judgmental and reactive.  The Truth of Who You Are is waiting to activate in your life.  Isn’t that the goal?  To navigate your life in such a way that allows you to live your life in peace and harmony within your heart, mind, body, and soul?  Only when you become more keenly aware of the sources of energy that create these different dynamics and outcomes of your life . . . will you be able to make conscious choices about how you want to feel, how you want to be, and what you truly want to create.  

The foundation of your heart, The Big Picture, is LOVE and it covers and impacts all of the aspects of life.  It immerses you in the Energy of Universal Love.  The Big Picture, which is guided by your Heart’s Wisdom, supports you in your Hero’s Journey to reflect the foundation from which your First Nature expresses ~ Your Divine Nature. The Bigger Your Picture, The Easier Your Life.