In Fireside Chats ~ Episode No. 11, Lacy Frazer and Marie Mohler shift into a new gear . . . to talk about the process of Visioning and Manifesting. When we understand ourselves as human beings who have been conditioned to believe in lack and limits, who have adopted and adorned some pretty heavy “armor” in order to protect ourselves from unwanted feelings, discomfort, pain, suffering, etc., who have many light AND shadow traits that play out in our daily lives, and who very often unconsciously create the world we continue to experience, . . . it is a very new concept to many of us to hear that WE do have the innate power within to partner with some extraordinary universal laws and principles . . . to literally begin to consciously and deliberately vision and manifest what we most desire!  This conversation today is another critical “seed starter,” that opens the door of incredible possibilities and positive energy into our lives, where we can begin to creatively visualize the life, the dreams, the healing, the wellness, the wholeness, the joy, and the love we most deeply desire to have, to be, and to live.  So if you are brand new to our conversations, welcome!  And if you are a loyal listener in our growing Whole Soul School and Foundation audience around the globe, welcome back and thank you for spending your precious time with us to learn more about the light you are and the innate power you hold as a creator being to visualize and manifest the life you are truly ready and excited to live!

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