Change & Perception:
Key Insights About The Hero In The Making

By Renee Taintor
June 2021

“When you change the way you look at things,
the things you look at change.”
– Dr. Wayne Dyer

Change is a defining characteristic in the Rising Hero’s Journey.  The above quote from Wayne Dyer is a favorite among people who have experienced the truth of this statement.  Can it be that a change in perception can change the very thing you are seeing and experiencing?  Yes, my friend, it is true but not always easy.

We’re all familiar with change.  It’s been a constant in all of our lives.  Small changes require us to be aware of them and simply integrate them into our lives, as in finding a detour on the road.  Sometimes change requires our full attention because we find ourselves in new territory, often facing the unknown.

The kind of change that occurs in the Rising Hero’s Journey calls you away from your everyday life and summons you into the “unknown” with courage that you may not have called upon yet.  Here you find yourself, not entirely sure why you’re here but with an underlying distant confidence calling to you that you want to trust but……?  Where will it lead?

whole soul school and foundation ~ June 2021 Blog Article ~ Change and PerceptionThe journey of the hero leads you into your own original thinking.  You’ve discovered that the familiar thoughts, perceptions, beliefs and concepts that you habitually turn to for help and guidance are no longer working for you.  They don’t fit anymore.  You’re not getting the help and support from the old mind set like you used to.

Without the automatic responses you have grown accustomed to that have helped you in the past, you’re forced to lean on yourself in ways you may not have not have been aware of in the past.  Now you must seek and use your own resources to find your way, to interpret and define what these changes means to you, and to seek a direction for yourself without the old guidelines.

Why are you called a hero in this situation?  Because you keep going even though you are in unknown territory.  You keep going even though you don’t know why this is happening or where you are going.  And the inner voice that you discover is leading you, urging you and calling to you.  You are on your own personal Hero’s Journey of original thinking leading you to yourself.

Original thinking often changes the beliefs, perceptions and programming that you have lived with your whole life.  Suddenly it matters to you what you do think about something because you haven’t given much thought or attention to certain things before.  You realize you’ve been on automatic response from your mind set.  And suddenly that’s not okay with you because it’s not working.  Where do you turn?

It’s not easy to go against your current perceptions and seek the truth you need to visit in order to find yourself.  Now you are absolutely in new territory.  You can’t go back because that door is closed.  The only place to go is deep inside of you, in your mind, in your heart, and seek the God inside of you even if you are unaware of It’s Presence.  That Presence is what’s leading you into a new awareness of yourself, . . . who you are, what you are about, and what matters to you.

whole soul school and foundation ~ June 2021 ~ Change and Perception This new and different awareness of you and your life will change how you see the things that come your way and thus how you interpret and respond to things.  You become more Conscious and Aware.  You show up in your life in ways that you were unaware of before. And it becomes increasingly important to you to check in with yourself so that you can be more fully present in your life.

This new self-awareness leads you to your heart: the place where you start living from your True Self, your Heart and your Divine Nature.  Now you care about the thoughts you have, the words you speak, and the things you do.  You give yourself the luxury of truly thinking about what you want to create or co-create in your life.  This is you connecting to your inner self and becoming a Conscious Creator.

Along the way in this incredible journey, You Become Your Own Hero.  You become a gift to yourself and the world by being Who You Truly Are.