100% Responsibility for Creating Our Reality:
Spotlighting the Power of Words

By Lacy Frazer

IF everything is made up of energy . . .
IF everything has a vibration . . .
IF this vibration has a frequency . . .
IF this frequency travels . . .
IF this traveling frequency is also magnetic . . .

THEN . . . we better pay attention to what we are thinking, speaking, and feeling because these thoughts, words, and e-motions are creating our reality ~ by attracting or pushing away people, places, and experiences in our life.  If you contemplate this for a few minutes, you realize that this makes us 100% responsible for our reality, for our life, and for our life experiences. Our energetic vibration, its positive or negative charge, and its magnetic power, are what is creating the good, the bad, the miraculous, and the unpleasantness in our lives.

This can be a hard pill to swallow for some, because most of us have been conditioned to blame something or someone outside of ourselves for the aspects of our lives we don’t like or don’t want to deal with. Most people are not interested in “owning” their dysfunctional or destructive patterns of thinking and behaving that have led to their suffering. It is much easier to blame other people and circumstances for our situation than it is to think about how we might have created the problem or attracted it into our lives in the first place.

Some might go so far to say that in order to be successful in life you MUST take responsibility for everything in your life. You must look at the quality of your relationships, your financial situation, the state of your health, and your achievements and failures . . . and ask yourself ~ what role did your beliefs and emotions play in creating them. Practicing this level of self awareness is critical in shifting your energetic vibration, which ultimately shifts the circumstances in your life.

The most wonderful thing about knowing this truth is that we can take our power back as human beings in our own lives by truly owning our thoughts, feelings, language, and behaviors. In the book The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz writes “Be Impeccable with Your Word.” He reiterates the importance of the following: Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love. 

Words have energy. They carry a frequency, and they have the power to create or destroy relationships, self love, abundance, and health.  Words can help, heal, hinder, hurt, harm, humiliate, and humble. So when we say that our thoughts create our reality, we really mean that once these thoughts are verbalized, put into words, these thoughts are now given extraordinary power through the energetic nature of the spoken word. The energy of the words are literally pulling into our experience people, places, and things that are a vibrational match.

So . . . with all this being said . . . would we not want to pull into our experience more of the people, places, and things that we desire in our life? Would we not want to increase our connections with people, places, things, and experiences that are positive, uplifting, inspiring, strong, meaningful, and/or purposeful?

We are creating our lives in every moment every day.  As Mike Dooley says in the film, Thoughts Become Things, and as Lisa Nichols also talks about in the film, The Secret, there is no “off” button in the universe.  Every thought, every word, every feeling we are thinking about . . . is being heard by a conscious universe . . . that then gets to work timelessly and eternally . . . to create the lives we are thinking about and bringing about . . . in this highly magnetized way. 

So it is important that we begin to awaken to our brilliant power as creative beings to summon to ourselves and to our life experiences . . . literally . . . the lives we most desire to live!

How much more fun would your life be if it was a life of your choosing?  From the top down . . . from the biggest vision, purpose, and positive impact that you can make here on this planet at this time . . . to the smallest and minutest detail in the more subtle aspects of our lives . . . wouldn’t it be incredible to know that we are the author of those experiences?  That we are the creator of it all?

There are of course many factors that align in universal principles that make this a living reality for all of us.  But for the purpose of this little “message from the universe” coming through our Whole Soul School and Foundation blog article for the month of July 2019 . . . I invite you to just begin to allow the possibility of this prospect:

That YOU are the Living Creator of your Life, in all of its many facets,
triumphs, challenges, miracles, road blocks, quiet moments, and loud roars. 

And how might you wish to show up in your life today knowing that every thought, feeling, belief, or action is a command to the universe communicating your desires – about who you want to be, what you want to experience, and how you want to feel.

It is a powerful and empowering prospect, once we get the hang of it, and learn how to better discipline our thoughts to shift out of the ones we don’t want to manifest and to spend more time consciously thinking about the ones we do wish to manifest in real-time real life experiences today!

I will leave you with a Responsibility Vocabulary List.  It contains words and statements to consider when talking with yourself.

We unconsciously use “unempowered statements”  when we don’t know our power as conscious creators in the world.  Pay attention and witness your tendency to think or speak these words.

This list also includes empowered statements that I invite you to engage, when choosing to step into your power as a creator being. Speaking our truth helps to manifest a new and empowered truth! (The opposite is always true as well). 

So remember, from our conversations last month, thoughts become things.

What thoughts do you wish to think in order to live the things your heart most desires?

Take that into your heart this month and see how it may want to manifest a shift in your perceptions and vibrations ~ to ultimately create a more positive, joyful, abundant, clear, peaceful, and whole experience of YOU in the life YOU wish to live!

And I hope you will join us in this month’s Fireside Chats and Transformation Talks.
Be safe in the journey and may greater awareness, joy, and blessings be your guides in the journey! 

Unempowered Statements                       Empowered Statements
I can’t                                                                I will
I should                                                            I could
I’ll try                                                                I will do it
It’s not my fault                                               How am I responsible?
It is a problem                                                 It’s an opportunity
I hope                                                               I know
Life is a struggle                                              Life is an adventure
I am exhausted                                               I am re-energizing
I am stressed out                                            I am involved
I am overwhelmed                                          I am challenged
I hate                                                                 I prefer
I am stupid                                                       I am learning
I need                                                               I choose
I’m bored                                                         I am creative