A New Season is upon us!  Fall is rising here in the USA and elsewhere in the Northern Hemisphere, and Spring is rising in many places south of the equator at the same time.  Life is blooming and things are simultaneously falling away in different parts of the world.  And all of these energies are part of the Great Circle of Life.

We celebrate these vital and “fullness of life” energies here at Whole Soul School and Foundation in many ways and on many levels.  We are all experiencing great change as humanity continues to journey the challenges, joys, stresses, and gifts of life on Planet Earth in these times.

So how about a little inspiration to revive the spirit this month and beyond, as we gather some of the power and inspirations gleaned in October and as we rise in the newness that November 2021 is ushering in!

In October, Lacy Frazer and Marie Mohler talked about the next stage of the Hero’s Journey which spotlighted Tests, Allies, and Enemies in the latest Fireside Chats podcast. A new guest for Whole Soul School and Foundation, Dr. Paul Panzica, joined Marie for a powerful Literacy Chats podcast and discussion about The Heroic Soul, The Courage to Ask The Questions, and The Heart.  And then Renee Taintor, Diane Jackson (another amazing new WSSF guest), and Marie gathered together in a roundtable Literacy Chats discussion, and focused on themes of consciously using language to support our Hero’s Journeys and to more consciously create the lives we most desire.

Renee Taintor shared new gems and insights in her October blog entitled: First Nature: Heart Led Living IS First Nature.  In this recent article, Renee summons us to look deeper into our Heart Centers when she says:

“You’re constantly in your own Presence. Is that a good thing? It’s your
First Nature. It’s the only way to live in peace and confidence.

You are well aware by now that your Hero’s Journey has changed YOU and your life. In these changes, you might find that there are situations in your life experiences and daily decisions that are of a more serious nature than your choice in foods. These are the times when your heart-based relationship gets tested for its veracity.

You have aligned with your heart and are learning to trust this connection and the value of this partnership. You begin to see that you are depending on this beautiful heart awareness in your life and how natural and powerful it can be. It is your First Nature and thus it will never fail you.

But what happens when you truly do not know what to do? What to think? How to assess a situation? What happens when you start feeling the old familiar lack of confidence and trust in yourself and your ability to handle what’s in front of you?

You’re at the crossroads again. It’s decision time for you. Do you go to your mind where the familiar reactions wait to be activated by you? Or do you go to your heart where the truthful and loving solutions can rise to remind you of who you really are and the truth about you that you now embody? Look for these moments ~ for they are signposts to lead you to your heart so that you can learn what’s best for this moment you now are facing.

Your ego mind has the reactive solutions that you used to activate unconsciously. That’s why it’s called Reactive Creating. When you go there, you won’t find the peace and harmony you seek because it is thought-based, not love-based. It is also based in programming and conditioning that you didn’t have much conscious choice about as you grew up.

These reactions from the ego are mostly habitual, automatic, and unconscious. As you become more aware of the thoughts that stream in your ego mind set, you will clearly see them for what they are: a group of thoughts that activate when you choose to react out of habit and old well-worn ego pathways . . . instead of actually thinking about and merely observing the situation you’re in, where you might find that you do have the power to choose to be more conscious and aware of the current circumstances and the deeper invitations presenting themselves in that moment.

By contrast, your heart has and holds solutions that can move you into the energy of being a Conscious Creator. The time you spend communicating with your inner self, your heart, your awareness, and your deeper, soulful presence, will remind you of the Real You that is emerging out of the fog of the reactive mindset.

You find and re-discover that living in your heart is First Nature.”

To read Renee’s entire post, please click here.

We need to cultivate this deeper and deepening relationship with the wisdom of our hearts, especially in these times where it seems that All of Humanity is being tested and where people are experiencing a crossing of a threshold inside themselves and meeting the unique tests, allies, and foes within their own life journeys.  The Challenges of Today are seeding an Essential and Profound Personal Transformation, Soul Evolution, and thus New Life Experience of Tomorrow.  And as we honor this process, unfolding individually and collectively in the world right now, we invite you to literally walk, drive, fly, do the dishes, exercise, scrub the tub, and more when possible . . . while tuning into our Good Vibes Broadcasting shows, podcasts, and inspirations!  Because these inspirational offerings and messages are truly here to help you to rise and be your True Self, your Best and Brightest Version of Who You Really Are, as we all traverse these wild and unprecedented times.

We invite you to please spread the word about Whole Soul School and Foundation and our Good Vibes Broadcasts.  People you know and people all over the world can benefit from our seeds of inspiration that are filled with real stories, real vibes, and real people rising. Let’s seed and pay the Good Vibes Forward! Thank you. Blessings everyone!

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